Photos of the Flying Rainbows, Naked Bums and Bizarre Items We Saw at Roskilde

Take that, post-Roskilde blues!

While some of you may have recovered from last weekend’s Roskilde Festival, we have not. In fact, we’re still feeling the dull ache of a week-long hangover mixed with a pleasant combo of nostalgia, memory loss and straight up exhaustion. If you’re going through those feels right now, too, we have the perfect lil’ cure for your post-Roskilde blues: an analog photo series of the expressive, blissful and very much bizarre things that make Roskilde, well, Roskilde.

Our girl Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle took her camera around the camps, concerts and corners of the festival for the whole week. As a result, she saw happily swingin’ naked bums, people showing off their brightest and best and, of course, intriguing mixes of trash all over the place.

So rest up, dig into this photo series, and get ready for next year’s mayhem.