Katrin Braga’s Nostalgic and Touching Photos of Icelandic Youth

The Vancouver-based photographer will make you relive your own sweetly naive and totally confusing teenage years.

Icelandic photographer Katrin Braga has a knack for taking photos that lightly balance a little bit of sweetness, a lot of beauty and even some mystery. Whether she’s documenting the bizarre contrasts of American life or capturing the sublime majesty of North America’s landscapes, she delivers photos that are effortlessly touching and simply a pleasure to look at—no matter if she’s shooting for Dazed, Vice, Teen Vogue or Girls Are Awesome. Now, she’s back with a series that takes her signature sweetness and nostalgic touch to another level: Katrin has dug up photos from her teenage years in Reykjavik and given us analog snapshots portraying her friends, her environment and the particular vibe of being a teen.

Taken between 2008 and 2011, when Katrin was 16-19, the photos capture the parties, lazy afternoons, wild moments and experiences of solitude we can all remember from our teenage years. Ultimately, Katrin has encapsulated the poignantly sweet and vulnerable experience of blooming youth—so let yourself get nostalgic and sink into Katrin’s portrait of the teenage experience.