Instagram Account of the Week: stellamariabaer

Breeze through the boobs, moons and feminine aesthetic in the American artist's digital story book.

good day working on the wall @call_denver #intercallactic

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A photographer, painter and new mom, American Stella Maria Baer has cultivated an Instagram profile that’s at once feminine, erotic, whimsical and earthy. A soothing, beige-toned aesthetic dominates her fascination with all things spherical—which most of the time include delicate watercolours of boobs and butts which come in all shapes and sizes.

Since last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month, Baer recently turned her breast-themed artwork production up a notch.

As she explains in her posts, Stella’s inspiration came from her newborn baby and her inability to nurse him ‘properly’, or nurse him according to social expectations.. After seeking professional help, the problem was luckily resolved—but her pieces of art capturing the complexity of coming to terms with your changing body as a new mother and the transforming role of said body came to life.

”I never would have made these paintings a year or two ago. But after the past year I have such awe for all our breasts do and are, for how they change over time, for the story they tell of the power and beauty of a woman’s body,” Baer writes.

working in the studio this morning .• ● ⚫ ● •.

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Before this, one of her main passions was painting a different kind of round object: the moon. Her Insta profile also contains dozens of different variations of this astronomical orb, all coated in the beautiful natural tones seen throughout her artwork.

trying to get something done today. Wyeth went along with that plan for about ten minutes and then was done

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