Instagram Account of the Week: badddates

Let's dive into a pool of awful Tinder pickup lines, shall we?

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Online dating has nearly become the equivalent of meeting face to face these days. One may choose between an endless selection of apps to swipe through on your phone, which some may say is a great advantage when it comes to meeting people in this very busy day and age. But on the flip side, this anonymous and no-strings-attached approach also lets a bunch of creeps instantly ruin your mood with a slimy DM or a totally off mark pickup line.

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But rejoice: we may have found a solution for this problem! An Insta account going by the name ‘badddates’ shares everything from bad Tinder conversations and profiles to advice on dealing with creeps. It also posts some refreshing opinions about feminism and basic human rights, as well as just some ‘dank memes’ to laugh at from time to time.

Yes, let me drop everything I'm doing to get bad coffee with a dude who just insulted me.

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Yikes, indeed. Couldn’t have said it better.

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Also, why would you assume she did? Luckily for us all, this account features a bunch of women ‘clapping back’ at misogynistic individuals. And if you’re feeling a little confused and seeking some reassurance about how to respond to a situation—look no further!

However, this Insta account also gives credit where credit is due.

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