Sarah Buthmann’s Photos of Parties, People and Pink

Yes! A piss-and-vomit-free side of Distortion exists!

Upon first glance, it may seem as if Sarah Buthmann is only interested in naked people. When you visit the Copenhagen-based photographer’s website, you’re greeted by a carousel of sensual, surreal photographs documenting the nude human form with an appreciative and fascinated eye for publications like VICE and Papercut Issues. Scrolling through body after body, you get the impression that each human body she photographs morphs into a vessel for whatever she’s trying to express—whether it’s lust, freedom, sexuality, vulnerability or a combination of all of those things.

However, Buthmann’s ability to wrap her subjects in visceral emotional contexts isn’t just restricted to nude bums and boobs. Her portraits and her reportage for Eurowoman, DR and more also project the same emotional fullness—even in perhaps unexpected situations. In our case, that situation is Copenhagen’s Distortion Festival: a street party characterized by drunken abandon, heavy-duty partying and all things rowdy and loud. We got Sarah to go out and capture the spirit of the festival for us. As you’ll see below, that spirit was full of pride, piss and pink. Enjoy.