Take a Sneak Peek at Electronic Producer Vakle’s Visceral Short Film “E273”

And catch the whole thing at the release party on November 2nd, hosted by Back to Future Sounds and Girls Are Awesome.

If the future consisted of an infinite number of parallel universes, which one would you choose? That’s the idea Danish electronic producer Vakle taps into in her new short film “E273″—a disconcerting and introspective musing into dystopian topics like digital loneliness and environmental transformation.

Directed and co-written by Lui Larsen, the film’s androgynous main character lives in a container and sustains herself with oxygen from the few plants she nourishes. She is alone in a self-made cocoon—and as the film continues, that isolation swells into peaks of heightened emotion peppered by a sprawling and dramatic electronic soundtrack.

“The idea comes from an understanding of how I live my life,” explains Vakle. “After growing up in the 90s and 00s, I have experienced the development of the Internet becoming an increasing part of everybody’s daily lives. Throughout the movie, I hope to remind the audience of the importance of human contact and the pursuit of social intercourse.”

Oh, and there’s no speaking in the film. It’s just music and visuals creating an alien-like but not totally unrealistic atmosphere. After all, why speak when there’s no one to speak to?

Check out the teaser above, and if you’re into the vibe, you’re in luck: the release party takes place on November 2nd in a green space in Copenhagen called Bioteket. Hosted by Back to Future Sounds and Girls Are Awesome, the screening will be followed by a dance party thanks to tunes provided by Berlin’s Charlotte dos Santos and Mmhradio’s Malika Mahmoud Henriques. Get the details and tickets here!