Instagram Account of the Week: Hannah Marshall

Lose yourself in the British artist's monochrome and mysterious feed.

A black and white aesthetic. Minimalist art. A dreamy and mysterious vibe. These are the defining traits of Hannah Marshall‘s captivating Instagram account, and it’s no wonder: the designer turned visual artist has also dabbled with music video production and united all of her work with a similar monochromatic touch.

Her vision behind the feed didn’t come by accident: Hannah recently told i-D magazine that she gravitates towards a grayscale aesthetic because ‘the poetry and duality of black and white has an unlimited profundity to me.’

The profile is just like a piece of art; a neatly combined text-video-photo grid covering one (sometimes several) powerful and inspiring women at a time like Lauryn Hill, SEVDALIZA and Kelela. She shares a grain of thought followed by a brief video clip and tops it off with a sensually shadowy photo of the person put into the spotlight.

When asked about the women she has been inspired by most, her response is rather simple and full of warmth: ”The women I surround myself with are all strong and beautiful on the inside and outside. Each of them have impacted me and continue to inspire me in their own way and make me stronger.”

Combined with Hannah’s chosen aesthetic, her work creates a calming, inspiring and all in all badass atmosphere which adds a refined aesthetic to the core message behind women supporting women and female empowerment.