Don’t Call Simone Klimmeck an Instagram Tattoo Artist

We talked to the hyped tattoo artist and illustrator about tattoos that outlive you, the pros and cons of Instagram and why tattooing pretty flowers is boring.

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Behind the Scenes of Roskilde’s Ambitious Art Program With Head Curator, Mette Woller

Roskilde's head art curator introduces us the artistic vision of the festival. Naturally, it includes laser-shooting rectums.

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Yeah Girl: Jenna Selby Turned Her Lens Towards Female Skaters Way Before It Was Cool

Since the 90s, the UK-based photographer and videographer has been on a mission to make the world pay more attention to female skaters.

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Yeah Girl: Sonia Ziegler’s Adrenaline-Charged and Gritty Photography

The Danish photographer captures what makes people tick—whether they're die-hard skaters or meditating women.

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Yeah Girl: Zorah Olivia Captures the Adrenaline, Pain and Grace of Being a Skater

Read up on the California-based skate photographer before seeing her work at our 'Yeah Girl' exhibition in Copenhagen.

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Simone Klimmeck’s Zodiac Illustrations for JOLIE Mag Are Dreamy and Delicate

The latest series from the German tattoo artist and illustrator feels easy-breezy and easy to love.

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Laura Berger’s Tips for Staying Sane During the Trump Presidency

We talked to the American illustrator about travel, activism and the benefits of tuning out orange-faced idiots.

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Take a Peek Into Simone Klimmeck’s Flash Book

Deliciously detailed designs from one of Berlin's most hyped emerging tattoo talents.

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Artist Monica Ramos Is Selling Art She Hasn’t Made Yet

And with the likelihood of selling out being pretty high, you'd best get in quick if you're a fan.

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Simone Klimmeck Makes Ink Porn for Tattoo Lovers and Novices Alike

Don't blame us when your mom gets mad 'cause you got an octopus tattooed on your back, courtesy of Simone.

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