As Seen by Her: Art Director, Ceramist and Swimming Pool Enthusiast Emmanuelle Roule

Read about the French creative in the second story from our collab with As Seen by Her, a platform featuring essays by creative women.

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Instagram Account of the Week: badddates

Let's dive into a pool of awful Tinder pickup lines, shall we?

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As Seen by Her: Activewear Designer, Artist and Strong AF Aries Laurie Nouchka

Read about the designer and artist in the first story from our new partnership with As Seen by Her, a platform featuring essays by creative women.

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Watch Pinki Rings’ New Girl Gang-Approved Video for “Guns in the Club’”

‘Guns in the Club’ exudes darker tones about a group of outsiders creating their own union and finding power within.

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Instagram Account of the Week: lookslikeafanny

From a crate of ice cream to a seemingly innocent rip in the couch—everything looks like a vagina if you want it to.

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“Finding Vivian Maier” is a Spellbinding Portrait of a Mysterious Woman and Genius Photographer

Vivian Maier was a nanny during her lifetime, but became an extraordinary photographer after she died—all by accident.

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Put Some Glitter on It: Anita Cheung’s Sparkly, Sensual Photos of Female Sexuality

The Vancouver-based photographer's new NSFW series, #GLITTERGURLZ, explores 'the money shot' from a female perspective.

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Meet Nanna Kassenaar, the Young Gallerist Everyone’s Talking About in Amsterdam

We spoke with the founder of Kallenbach Gallery about her curatorial vision and upcoming all-female show, made in collaboration with Your:Own art agency.

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Instagram Account of the Week: Hannah Marshall

Lose yourself in the British artist's monochrome and mysterious feed.

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