Artist Elizabeth Isley Captures the Essence of Dating

Artist Elisabeth Ilsley turns good conversation and heartbreak into prints and leather jackets.

Getting quoted for something you’ve forgotten you’ve said could be embarrassing or cringeworthy, especially when it comes to conversations with and about old lovers. Even rougher could be having to publicly display these quotes, but that isn’t how artist, photographer and model Elizabeth Ilsley sees it. She began creating her work based on her own confessions and little snippets of conversation, and turned them into a way of expressing herself artistically.

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Her prints and hand-painted jackets are not only beautifully made, but with quotes like “You had me at ‘have you got a lighter'”, “I’m not going to fuck you just because you’re in a band” and ‘There’s more to life than swiping left and right” they capture the essence of contemporary dating scenarios and breakups.


One of Ilsley’s biggest influences on her life and work is her mum, who gave her a key piece of advice when she was 12 and was wearing her first bikini at the beach: “Look around you, you’ll never see these people again, so who cares what you wear, go and have fun.” Ilsley shared that insight with Illustrated People, if you wanna check it out, but also noted that the majority of her inspiration comes from personal conversations with friends and (ex) lovers.

So thanks, Elizabeth, for reminding us that contemporary dating is rough, but hey: at least you can make a badass jacket out of it.

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