Art as an Act of Healing and Activism: Amin Ameen in Conversation with Bisa Butler

“You have to be brave, because it does take an act of bravery.” – Bisa Butler on the revolutionary power of art, from her conversation with EverythingNaArt’s Amin Ameen

Activism | amin ameen | bisa butler
Bisa Butler's "En Garde", 2017

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share selections from Amin Ameen‘s incredible virtual series The Link Up, which she hosts on her Instagram @EverythingNaArt (which means “everything is art”). It’s a multi-day event that seeks to empower, position, and amplify Black creatives in the Continent, diaspora and beyond, and shine more light on both professional and personal growth opportunities – especially as we approach a year of challenges within both.

The third Link Up series took place in December, and since we’re still taking notes and journaling about so many of the gems in these conversations, we felt it only right to bring a few conversations here to our Girls Are Awesome community. Today, we’re kicking things off with Bisa Butler, a phenomenal fiber artist who uses quilted portraiture to celebrate Black lives. Get into it here:

“Bisa Butler’s nature will make you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter night in New York City,” Amin told us. “Her art will make you feel like you are in a time machine visiting the monarchs of Black culture and history.”

Amin, who uses her platform to equip, empower and connect creative professionals, “linked up” with Bisa through social media: “I fell in love with Bisa’s work the minute I first saw it on Instagram about three years ago, and we started building an online connection. Everyone who follows me knows I am a huge fan. Bisa and I discussed her work/art as an act of healing and activism. When I asked her if she saw herself as an activist through her work, Bisa said something that struck me. She said: ‘I do, However, I also think it’s a shame to think that an activist is someone who wants to portray Black people in a positive light; why is that so revolutionary, for us to uplift and celebrate Blackness?‘ Whew. An entire thesis. “

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Activism | amin ameen | bisa butler

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