ANTIMIMOSA and a Middle Finger to Beauty Standards

Berlin-based illustrator ANTIMIMOSA is using bold colors and lettering to send a clear message to patriarchal beauty standards – and we love it!

Graphic by @Antimimosa

“Over the past few years, my skills have developed from really clean and smooth lines to dirty and rough sketches, jumping back and forth, but never losing my authenticity,” says Toni, a joyful 25-year-old illustration designer from Berlin. Through her alter ego ANTIMIMOSA, she’s coming for patriarchal beauty standards and stigmas, with bold messages and illustrations:

“I just graduated university and the pandemic situation hit me hard, but hell no, I am not getting myself down. My main goal is to be creatively provocative until society stops being offended and having heart attacks because of painted period blood, body hair or a simple vulva.”

antimimosa | Berlin | graphic illustration

You can see more of ANTIMIMOSA’s work by visiting her website and giving her a follow over on Instagram!

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