ANIMA!’s Latest Release is a Manifesto for Creatives Everywhere

Put this little EP on a loop and get lost in your own world of creativity.

ANIMA!, an emergent duo compromised of Arielle from California and Vicente from South Africa, has taken a step in a new and wonderful direction of creatively challenging alternative electronica. Their new five piece EP, Art:Work, ranges from upbeat and energetic in pre-released singles “Blood” and “Moving Mountains” to more probing and intense tracks such as “Genius” and “The Seed”. The album feels simultaneously tumultuous and calm, like the birth and realization of a creative journey, from start to finish.

Accompanying the album announcement on social media was this salient message: “These are songs for anyone who makes something. They are songs that celebrate giving yourself to something that you love. Music, art, agriculture, science, hula-hooping – whatever. They are songs for anyone who’s put in work to get better at something just because they enjoy doing it. These are songs for the people who try to turn their passions into a living. These are songs for the people who were told they can’t. These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of a ‘real job.’ These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of an ‘artist.'”

The soundscapes encapsulated in this esoteric album are perfect for lengthy creative sessions and the message behind each song is equally as inspiring. For example, in the tender and poignant song “Moving Mountains” they go on to question the nature of work life balance as well as the division between social classes. “Losing all the love between the lines dividing rich and the poor. Are we working to live, are we living to work more more more,” they muse. The song is inquisitive and even derisive in nature, playing like half lullaby and half creative manifesto.

The title of the EP, Art:Work, and the first song on the album, “Blood”, perhaps sum up their bold message the best. In this melodic and intent electronic work of art, they lay out the reality and the struggle in creative work. “I gotta stay one step ahead of a loosing game, I’m a slave to the pages I throw away… So I’ll try to put a little bit of myself in, keep the pretty people listening. Keep in mind, all the negatives and positives try to float around the ideas… I’m biting my tongue, but the words don’t come.” It’s rare that we get this type of brutal honesty about the truly gruelling side of creating anything artistic. Lucky for us, the creative force that is ANIMA! worked through it to give us this album.


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