Tuesday’s Tunes: Haiyti’s Video for “Pete Doherty” is a Deliciously Dark Trap Sizzler

The track and visual combo from the German rapper is morbidly catchy. (Which is a compliment.)

It’s always a bit strange listening to rap in a foreign language, isn’t it? For all you know, the rapper you’re listening to could be spewing straight up poetry, but in your situation, all have to go off of is the vibe of the whole thing to decide if you’re into it. That’s a tall order—but luckily, Haiyti serves up the good stuff in her video, “Pete Doherty.”

The track features oozing, dark production courtesy of Asad John. It sounds as if the underbelly of street life is lurking out of the shadows to suck you in; it’s also moody enough to almost be morbid, which makes sense considering she’s singing about Pete Doherty (British band The Libertines’ frontman who infamously struggles with addiction and legal issues, and some speculate was instrumental in Amy Winehouse’s early death.) However, her aggressive flow is energetic enough to lift the track a bit out of the darkness and make it an infectious and solid piece of trap. As for the video, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a self-aware millennial rapper: filmed in blurry, vertical i-Phone style, it features Haiyti bumping throughout random streets wearing a chrome blue parka and showing off cheap bottles of liquor. The colors are muted and the whole thing is very lo-fi, which we appreciate: you can focus on the sizzling production behind the song rather than flashy shots of cars or money,.

The track is taken off of her album, City Tarif. If you’re into this, check out that piece of trap goodness ASAP.