That Furry Bucket Hat, Tho: Sneak Peek Pics of Haiyti’s New Editorial in INDIE Mag

Also, like: is the cow print thing she's wearing a jacket or a vest or what is it?!?

Right, so it’s September, a.k.a. the peak month for being bombarded by all sorts Back to School ‘faaaa-shun’ ads and seductive-sounding 20% off deals for clothes that you do not need but will probably end up buying in a post-1 AM haze anytime soon.

On that note: German rapper Haiyti went to Tokyo, and German cultural publication INDIE Magazine shot an editorial of her for their September issue. Is there a concept behind the shoot? We do not know. Can you tell that it’s in Tokyo? We can’t answer that, either. However, none of that really matters in this case ’cause the overarching purpose seems to be to a) make you consider buying thigh high pleather boots for your first day back in class and b) bring back furry bucket hats.

Stylist Tsatsuya Shimada did a pretty good job here in the sense that he really paid attention to Haiyti’s signature vibe. She’s defined by a mesh of influences, faux-ghetto aesthetics, 2000s revivalism – and that’s exactly the ambiance created by the outfits she’s wearing in this shoot. We’ve already discussed the bucket hat – like, look at it! It’s huge! It’s soft and fluffy! It reminds us of being innocent children listening to Sean Paul in 2003 again! We want to wear this! – but honorable mentions should also go to the cowprint vest/jacket thing, the glitzy and shiny miniskirt and, of course, the massive AF thigh high boots which look impossible to walk in BUT very fun to pose in.

So yeah, take a look at this and ponder today’s key question that’s imperative to answer before the start of this season and for life in general, tbh: is it chill to wear a furry bucket hat, tho?