Inside One of Japan’s Most Legendary Animation Studios

We visited Tokyo's Nippon Animation Studio to find out about today's anime culture, the animation process and why rappers love anime.

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Haiyti: “I’m a complex person who is difficult to market. My different personalities fight each other for the surface.”

We talked to the German trap artist about aesthetic vision, controlling your image and being original in the age of social media.

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Meet Haiyti, the German “White Girl Mit Luger” Giving Future a Run for His Money

The emerging rapper calls herself "the first lady of German trap", and it's no wonder why.

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Haiyti’s Video for “Artillerie” is a Poppin’ and Lo-Fi Tribute to Net Culture

With graphics evocative of Windows '96 set against crunchy production, the German rapper's latest is a trap banger for the nostalgic millennial.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Never Thought We’d Say This, But German Trap is Actually Bangin’

Hamburg trap queen Haiyti's new album, "City Tarif", is catchy and kitschy AF in an irresistible way.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Helicopters, Hospitals and Haiyti Will Get You Through the Holidays in “Halleluja”

Sick of stressing about Christmas gifts and awkward office parties? Watch the German rapper chill hard in a hospital and dance around in a fur coat in front of a helicopter instead.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Haiyti’s Video for “Pete Doherty” is a Deliciously Dark Trap Sizzler

The track and visual combo from the German rapper is morbidly catchy. (Which is a compliment.)

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