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Haiyti: “I’m a complex person who is difficult to market. My different personalities fight each other for the surface.”

We talked to the German trap artist about aesthetic vision, controlling your image and being original in the age of social media.

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Here’s What Went Down at Our Launch Party in Berlin

We skated on the rooftop, bounced to rowdy rap and ate damn good apple strudel with Haiyti, Simone Klimmeck and Laura Kaczmarek.

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Don’t Call Simone Klimmeck an Instagram Tattoo Artist

We talked to the hyped tattoo artist and illustrator about tattoos that outlive you, the pros and cons of Instagram and why tattooing pretty flowers is boring.

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Meet Haiyti, the German “White Girl Mit Luger” Giving Future a Run for His Money

The emerging rapper calls herself "the first lady of German trap", and it's no wonder why.

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Meet Laura Kaczmarek, the Photographer Merging Youth Culture, Fashion and Architecture

The emerging German creative and skater illuminates how architecture influences our generation, and vice versa.

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Ten Emerging Female Fashion Photographers You Need to Know

From vintage editorial photography to in-your-face, futuristic shoots, these young talents deliver diverse work that's making a mark in fashion.

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Simone Klimmeck’s Zodiac Illustrations for JOLIE Mag Are Dreamy and Delicate

The latest series from the German tattoo artist and illustrator feels easy-breezy and easy to love.

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Haiyti’s Video for “Artillerie” is a Poppin’ and Lo-Fi Tribute to Net Culture

With graphics evocative of Windows '96 set against crunchy production, the German rapper's latest is a trap banger for the nostalgic millennial.

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Take a Peek Into Simone Klimmeck’s Flash Book

Deliciously detailed designs from one of Berlin's most hyped emerging tattoo talents.

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