In Conversation: Lizz, DJ Cri$py C & Xuli

"Success is to make all the things you do, and be happy doing it!" - Lizz

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LIZZ Lit it Up at Chainz Club in Hamburg

30 minutes of music magic. Tune in if you like reggaeton, oversized hoop earrings, Cardi B vibes and dancing your butt off.

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Here’s What You Missed at the Chains Club Lizz x Xuli Birthday Especiale

Fur coats, fur hats, sexy rhythms and steezy squad. Hamburg's finest turned up in style for another banging night at Chains Club.

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Sink Your Eyes Into Xuli’s Fantastical World of Monochrome Calligraphy and Lettering

The Hamburg-based artist creates work that feels bulletproof and tough to pin down.

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DJ CRI$PY C’s Playlist

Dutch club bangers? French trap? Um, yes please.

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The CHAINS Guide to St. Pauli and Reeperbahn

Here are the hole-in-the-wall snack joints and chill spots you need to hit in Hamburg's finest neighbourhoods.

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Jana Federov a.k.a. Xuli Loves Calligraphy and Conspiracy Theories

The Hamburg-based calligrapher really digs typography and mysterious phenomena.

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Carina Lue a.k.a. DJ CRI$PY C Loves Lil B, Good Vibes and Crispy Chicken

We had a quick chat with the Hamburg-based DJ about the based god, getting into DJing and other random stuff.

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Photos From DJ CRI$PY C and Xuli’s ‘Chains’ Launch Party

Here's what it looked like when the duo opened a club night dedicated to all things trap in the heart of Hamburg's Reeperbahn.

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Meet the Duo Shaking Up Hamburg’s Hip Hop Scene

With their new project Chains, DJ CRI$PY C and illustrator Xuli aim to bring international oomph to the city's tight-knit trap scene.

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Swiss Skate Crew Shreddermoes’ Playlist

Listen to the old-school hip hop and nostalgic 00s bangers these girls are into.

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Simone Klimmeck’s Playlist

Listen to the classic 80s jams and oozing new wave anthems the tattooist uses to amp up and wind down throughout the day.

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The Stories Behind Some of Laura Kaczmarek’s Most Touching Photos

The German photographer talks us through the contents of her debut book, and tells us about pissed off grannies and friends hugging it out.

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Take a Sneak Peek at Laura Kaczmarek’s Debut Photography Book

The German photographer's first book dropped this weekend. Here's a little preview of the goodness you'll find inside.

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Laura Kaczmarek’s Playlist

Listen to the tunes the German photographer and skater uses to amp up and wind down throughout the day.

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Girls and Gear With Tattooist Simone Klimmeck

She just opened up her own tattoo studio in the heart of Berlin, so we asked her about her fave pieces of gear you'll find inside.

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Laura Kaczmarek’s Guide to the Best of Tel Aviv

From rowdy Latin parties to platters of exquisite mediterranean food, here's what you should do in the Israeli city.

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Simone Klimmeck’s Visual Guide to Bavaria’s Secret Escapes

See the German tattooist and her homies explore Bavaria's sublime mountains and lakes—and maybe go check 'em out yourself.

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Inside One of Japan’s Most Legendary Animation Studios

We visited Tokyo's Nippon Animation Studio to find out about today's anime culture, the animation process and why rappers love anime.

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Laura Kaczmarek’s Guide to 24 Hours in Zurich and Innsbruck

Whether you're into art books, schnitzel or scenic views, the German photographer and skater's got you covered.

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Laura Kaczmarek on Shooting Her Besties on the Curbs and Mountains of Zurich and Innsbruck

We asked the German photographer about taking her crew, Heckmecks, to meet up with Swiss crew Shreddermoes in the lands of cheese fondue and breathtaking views.

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Watch Grace Neutral and Simone Klimmeck Discuss Being Labeled as ‘Unconventional’ and Using the Body as a Canvas

"If we're gonna talk about the way that we look, I never did this to be unconventional; this is all just a part of my creativity." - Grace Neutral

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Simone Klimmeck on Tattooing and Talking Beauty With “Alien Princess” Grace Neutral

We asked the German tattooist about her recent London residency with Grace Neutral—tattoo artist, documentary host and breaker of beauty standards.

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Haiyti: “I’m a complex person who is difficult to market. My different personalities fight each other for the surface.”

We talked to the German trap artist about aesthetic vision, controlling your image and being original in the age of social media.

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Here’s What Went Down at Our Launch Party in Berlin

We skated on the rooftop, bounced to rowdy rap and ate damn good apple strudel with Haiyti, Simone Klimmeck and Laura Kaczmarek.

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Don’t Call Simone Klimmeck an Instagram Tattoo Artist

We talked to the hyped tattoo artist and illustrator about tattoos that outlive you, the pros and cons of Instagram and why tattooing pretty flowers is boring.

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Meet Haiyti, the German “White Girl Mit Luger” Giving Future a Run for His Money

The emerging rapper calls herself "the first lady of German trap", and it's no wonder why.

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Meet Laura Kaczmarek, the Photographer Merging Youth Culture, Fashion and Architecture

The emerging German creative and skater illuminates how architecture influences our generation, and vice versa.

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Ten Emerging Female Fashion Photographers You Need to Know

From vintage editorial photography to in-your-face, futuristic shoots, these young talents deliver diverse work that's making a mark in fashion.

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Simone Klimmeck’s Zodiac Illustrations for JOLIE Mag Are Dreamy and Delicate

The latest series from the German tattoo artist and illustrator feels easy-breezy and easy to love.

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Haiyti’s Video for “Artillerie” is a Poppin’ and Lo-Fi Tribute to Net Culture

With graphics evocative of Windows '96 set against crunchy production, the German rapper's latest is a trap banger for the nostalgic millennial.

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Take a Peek Into Simone Klimmeck’s Flash Book

Deliciously detailed designs from one of Berlin's most hyped emerging tattoo talents.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Never Thought We’d Say This, But German Trap is Actually Bangin’

Hamburg trap queen Haiyti's new album, "City Tarif", is catchy and kitschy AF in an irresistible way.

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Simone Klimmeck Makes Ink Porn for Tattoo Lovers and Novices Alike

Don't blame us when your mom gets mad 'cause you got an octopus tattooed on your back, courtesy of Simone.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Helicopters, Hospitals and Haiyti Will Get You Through the Holidays in “Halleluja”

Sick of stressing about Christmas gifts and awkward office parties? Watch the German rapper chill hard in a hospital and dance around in a fur coat in front of a helicopter instead.

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Laura Kaczmarek’s New Fashion Story for METAL Magazine is 70s Revivalism at Its Finest

The German photographer's latest oozes with toasty colours, vintage hairstyles and too-cool-for-school attitude.

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Simone Klimmeck’s Painterly, Realistic Illustrations Are Our Latest Obsession

The German illustrator spins expressionist techniques into a contemporary depiction of pop culture.

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Laura Kaczmarek’s New Editorial for Indie Mag is Freaky-Sexy Eye Candy

Lots of middle fingers, rolling eyes and street style in the latest from the German photographer.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Haiyti’s Video for “Pete Doherty” is a Deliciously Dark Trap Sizzler

The track and visual combo from the German rapper is morbidly catchy. (Which is a compliment.)

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Laura Kaczmarek’s New Editorial for Boys by Girls Magazine Makes Us Wish We Were Teens Again

The German photographer's "Fruit of Youth" series captures the freedom, innocence and irresistibility of boyhood.

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