adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome Role Models – Laura Kaczmarek

Girls Are Awesome and adidas Originals have partnered around a top to toe product collection and to increase the representation of women+.

In an ongoing series we will excitedly be featuring the role models who helped us shoot the campaign for our new collaborative collection with adidas Originals.

The definition of a role model is flexible in energetic size and has a constant shifting quality and meaning to people. The same diverse qualities can be attributed to the role models involved with this shoot. Every single one of them carries a strength and drive for what they do that automatically draws others to them in a magnetic fashion.

We’re proud to present to you a group of people who have helped, inspired, supported and upheld a strong sense of community in each of their respective fields and who have all helped us to diversify our understanding of the word role model. 

adidas originals x girls are awesome | female photographer | female skateboarders

Laura Kaczmarek has a piercing focus in most things she embarks on. Her work as a photographer has a palpable energy and a movement, that could be attributed to her side skill as a skater. A world characterized by a high-energy, pick-your-self-up-and-try-again attitude to life that Laura has a special skill for capturing and embodying.

Is there an iconic person or role model that has impacted your life in a positive sense?

Being a role model is a big thing, I think. For me there is no better feeling than when I get inspired by others or when someone tells me that I have inspired them. I think this is a small part of being a role model. Of course there are women that I find extremely impressive, and at the moment these are older women like Heidi Hetzer (if you haven’t seen the documentary about her, you have to watch it) and Jane Fonda. But it changes constantly for me due to the influence of social media today. Only my mom will forever stay the most influential person in my life.

What do you geek out over these days?

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to geek out. I have continuously been on production for the past two months and I still have to edit a lot of photos and do my taxes. Welcome to adulthood…

How do you feel about style and “joie de vivre” as someone who captures human-ness really, really well?

Style is something very special. Style is art. I just try to capture real-life moments and feelings as I perceive them at the moment.

What’s your biggest strength and how do you put it into practice?

I am very ambitious. When there’s something in my head I want to do – I just go for it. There is no giving up (I know sometimes it’s hard not to give up, but at the end it’s worth it). At least I always try and that has helped me throughout my life.

Last, but not least: What’s your words of wisdom or advice to girls and women – or just everybody? It can get rough out there sometimes, y’know?

It can get really rough! But that’s okay, you just have to learn how to deal with it. Don’t listen to people who say you can’t do it because it’s dangerous or whatever. Don’t let yourself be influenced by people who have negative energy. If you really want it, you’ll find your way to do it.

Thanks to Laura and her eternal strenght! The products you see are available now at our shop and all decent retailers worldwide.


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