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Girls Are Awesome and adidas Originals have partnered around a top to toe product collection and to increase the representation of women+.

In an ongoing series we will excitedly be featuring the role models who helped us shoot the campaign for our new collaborative collection with adidas Originals.

The definition of a role model is flexible in energetic size and has a constant shifting quality and meaning to people. The same diverse qualities can be attributed to the role models involved with this shoot. Every single one of them carries a strength and drive for what they do that automatically draws others to them in a magnetic fashion.

We’re proud to present to you a group of people who have helped, inspired, supported and upheld a strong sense of community in each of their respective fields and who have all helped us to diversify our understanding of the word role model. 

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Tongue in cheek, soulful and with an undeniable edge is how pop-artist Stine Kinck maneuvers around in life and in her music. In the past years, tracks have been dropping under the powerhouses’ own name with influences from jazz, soul, pop, and R&B. After years in the music industry, she had a clear insight into some of the blind spots of the music industry and a vision of what the scene should look like, which resulted in her starting her own record label Sad Unicorn Rec

What is the best advice you ever gave?

That must be: The thing the world is trying to change about you is usually your biggest strength. I used to manage a couple of artists, and started my label, Sad Unicorn, on exactly that piece of motivation. I found that a lot of major labels didn’t use the gold that made the artist unique when they signed young women. Instead they tried to make them fit in this generic box which made the artists feel insecure of themselves.

Can you think of a time when a role model showed or told you something about yourself that you didn’t previously know?

I remember in 9th grade when I got my first singing gig as a backup singer and my parents had to give me note so I could skip school to go on tour. I had an amazing teacher and I remember her saying “singing is your dream, so of course you can”. The funny thing is that time I wasn’t aware that singing was my dream, and I remember being so touched that my teacher had seen me so clearly.

When did you first realize that you were ‘different’ (if there was ever a moment for you, as the artistic and diverse human that you are)?

I was on a vacation in the countryside with my family when I was 7 or 8 years old. There was a field with cows right next to our house, and one day I went to the field and I sang to the cows. When my parents asked where I had been I answered them honestly and everyone laughed. To me it felt like the most natural thing, and I hadn’t realized that it wasn’t normal to want to sing to the cows until everyone reacted the way they did.

What would you say is your biggest strength?

It’s probably my ability to bounce back from rejection. The music industry is so tough because you have to put yourself out there and be ready to get a hundred “no thank you”s before you get one “yes”. It can really tear on your confidence. The more I got involved in the business side of things the more I saw how much rejection comes in-between and I now see it as part of the process to reach my goals.

What about in the music industry right now. Is there a fellow musician that you admire for being out there doing their thang? Toot some horns!

There are sooo many horns to toot. I love how there’s a wave of dope females creating their own recipe to success and winning big. One of my faves to follow right now is Lizzo, who is killing it. But her music was actually out for a while before the world noticed which is so inspiring. Another one is Doja Cat, who I’ve also been following since her first EP Purrr. I think the reason these two come to mind first is because they are so real and seem true to their personal magic.

What do you geek out over now?

I still nerd out over music big time. I’m learning how to produce a bit these days and there’s so much to learn. Also, I nerd out on business a lot. Starting my own label really got me passionate about the business side of things and understanding how it all works. I also nerd out in the kitchen – I’m a big-time foodie!

What are your words of wisdom to girls or women in their respective fields? 

Don’t undermine yourself and your talent! Know your worth and then add 30%! That’s one of the things I’m still working on myself. Most women feel underqualified in new job situations, but if you’re really ambitious you have to kiss that doubtful voice goodbye.

Thanks to Kinck and her fire energy. The products you see are dropping April 22 on our shop and all decent retailers worldwide.


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