adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome Role Models – Alexander Engel

Girls Are Awesome and adidas Originals have partnered around a top to toe product collection and to increase the representation of women+.

In an ongoing series we will excitedly be featuring the role models who helped us shoot the campaign for our new collaborative collection with adidas Originals.

The definition of a role model is flexible in energetic size and has a constant shifting quality and meaning to people. The same diverse qualities can be attributed to the role models involved with this shoot. Every single one of them carries a strength and drive for what they do that automatically draws others to them in a magnetic fashion.

We’re proud to present to you a group of people who have helped, inspired, supported and upheld a strong sense of community in each of their respective fields and who have all helped us to diversify our understanding of the word role model. 

Don’t let Alexander Engel’s artist name ‘Silhouette‘ fool you. The young artist is making a mark in the music scene with a multifaceted approach on how to enrich an industry. Besides having a distinct personal sound that leans into trap beats and bangers, he is one of the founders behind the independent label Affiliated and, perhaps most admirably, a big believer in passing on his learnings.

In his local community, he founded a teaching initiative that offers insights and hands-on approaches on how to become a rapper for kids and teens. An initiative that charges through with the intention of young people having a healthy and safe place to spend their time and for them tap into creative resources, while also allowing him to school the next generation of Denmark’s rappers.

We had a chat with Alex to see what’s up below.

When it comes to women in media – was there a specific individual that gave you inspiration or a strong idea of femininity from a young age?

There were a few: Whitney Houston had us in The Bodyguard – you’ve got to respect the hustle. Then there’s Natasja for being a badass and one of the first women to represent rap and reggae in Denmark.

Also Coretta Scott King and Princess Diana – what a great loss for humanity! Although not women, I’m also inspired by David Attenborough for speaking the truth and by 2Pac. Not only for his 2pac’s music but also his beliefs and influence on the world.

What is something about life you feel that you still need to learn? Either personally or professionally? 

I still need to learn that I can’t change the world by myself; but I can try to do my part. I also keep learning from every experience I have, good and bad. Oh yeah, and I want to keep remembering to enjoy this beautiful little planet called Earth.

Anything coming up next for you that we should be aware of?

You should definitely check out our independent record label Affiliated. We’re a bunch of young passionate artists spreading some good music and having fun with it. A lot of cool and different events and projects coming up this year, so stay tuned! 

Thanks to Alex and his lax look on life! The products you see are available now at our shop and all decent retailers worldwide.


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