adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome Role Models – Maymi Asgari

Girls Are Awesome and adidas Originals have partnered around a top to toe product collection and to increase the representation of women+.

In an ongoing series we will excitedly be featuring the role models who helped us shoot the campaign for our new collaborative collection with adidas Originals.

The definition of a role model is flexible in energetic size and has a constant shifting quality and meaning to people. The same diverse qualities can be attributed to the role models involved with this shoot. Every single one of them carries a strength and drive for what they do that automatically draws others to them in a magnetic fashion.

We’re proud to present to you a group of people who have helped, inspired, supported and upheld a strong sense of community in each of their respective fields and who have all helped us to diversify our understanding of the word role model. 

Maymi Asgari moves with precision, deep focus and an unparalleled speed. The young freestyle footballer shifts, kicks, and maneuvers around her ball as if it was an extension of her body. Her relationship, skill, and devotion to freestyle football has not gone unnoticed as she’ll be one of two representing the Danish team when Denmark is to host the UEFA EURO 2020. Being a young hijab-wearing woman, she is aware of the prejudices that can exist and she’s on a mission to break those preconceptions down, one swift foot movement at a time.

adidas originals x girls are awesome | athlete | football

Who would you say is your biggest role model?

I have different role models for different things. I really admire my mother. She has always given me and my brother everything, so we didn’t feel different from the other kids, but at the same time she also taught us to appreciate the small things. She taught us that it’s not what you own that defines you as a person, but what’s in your heart and how you treat other people; and I really live by that. 

In the football world, I have to say that Nadia Nadim is my biggest role model, because I think as a kid she was the one I could relate to the most. She had the same background as me, she lived at a refugee camp her first couple of years in Denmark, and is one of the best footballers in the world today. It was against all odds, but she still became the best. 

adidas originals x girls are awesome | athlete | football

When did you first realize you were “different” (if there was ever a moment for you)?

As a kid I didn’t fit in at school. I didn’t fit in the group of girls because they were too girly, and I didn’t fit in with the boys because I am a girl. I felt different and because of that I had low self-esteem and confidence. I started playing football by myself and as my football skills improved, so did my self-confidence. Suddenly I had a lot of friends. 

What is your relationship with style – when it comes to sports or just in general?

I’m not the most stylish person, but it’s hard to choose clothing when you wear a hijab. You have to make sure that it’s not too short, and it can’t be a t-shirt. I often wear sweatshirts or hoodies. Under that, I wear a t-shirt with a blank white or black long sleeve and pants that I can freestyle in.

What makes you excited to be a human?

That I have the opportunity to do something important in the world. I want to help the younger generation, especially girls with the same background as me, to understand that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and fight for your dreams. You can do anything no matter your background, beliefs or gender. I want to help them grow their self-confidence. Sport and football has done so much for me, and I want to give that to the next generation of girls.

Thanks to Maymi and her forever cool attitude. The products you see are dropping April 22 on our shop and all decent retailers worldwide.


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