adidas ‘Home of Classics’ Launch Is A Collection Of Inspiring Stories

Catch the latest campaign from pam pam: an inspiring medley of women artists and entrepreneurs who live their lives in dope sneaks.

It’s safe to say adidas has been a quintessential staple brand for athletic wear – specifically sneakers – for decades. London-based women’s only sneaker store, pam pam celebrates the  “Home of Classics” collection in an uplifting homage to working women who are killing the game in their respective fields of expertise. Located in the Shoreditch area of London, pam pam is the first sneaker store in the UK to specialize in a women’s-only selection of top-tier, premium sneakers, offering both locally hand-picked to globally sourced products. This collaboration is a well-framed and pleasantly personal way to raise up inspiring humans who are natural successes, the result being a resounding win for wearable fashion.

The first in this series is Joey Yu, a London-based artist, painter and illustrator who offers a rich and intimate view of the world around her. The pieces she creates are often a mishmash of crayon and colored pencils, carving a quietly colorful world into being using abstract portraiture. Her wild yet intimate art has struck a chord with many, having worked with international brands such as The New York Times, Hermes, Guardian and more.

Joey’s story is closely followed by an artist of another medium; Beth from Indigo Forever Tattoos is a stick-and-poke artist who uses this permanent wearable art as a method of personal therapy. Her tattoos are organic and beautiful, flowing effortlessly with the natural shape of the body in various intricate designs. Thirdly, Alex is one half of Meringue Girls, a “girl power” London bakery that offers up delicious specialty treats in vibrant palettes. Dubbed the “punk princess of baking” by The Telegraph, co-founders Alex and Stacey take on various traditional baked goods with modernity and edge.

Last but not least, Nik Southern is a florist and founder of Grace and Thorn,  elevating her creative craft with nature as the central focus. This talented creator has collaborated with the likes of Estee Lauder, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and more, earning herself a wide following in the world of fashion and design based on her signature creations.

All in all, this campaign is a graceful parade of inspiring women in classic adidas shoes, reminding everyone that fashion is less about the materials themselves than the way you rock them and what you do while you wear the signature sneaks. For me, every time I throw away a pair of shoes, I get nostalgic as I imagine all the steps I’ve taken in them – not in a FitBit kind of way, but in a romantic, how-far-have-I-come-and-who-have-I-connected-with-while-those-trusty-shoes-were-just-chilling, supporting-my-size-EU-39-feet kind of way (I want a pair of the Supercourt Shoes, FYI!). Take a journey over to their website and grab your own.


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