About Us.

Girls Are Awesome is a Community, Brand and Impact Agency which creates content, experiences, products and partnerships towards gender equality. Every project delivers a positive impact for the representation of girls and women, aiming to accelerate progress towards SDGs 5 and 17.  For us, purpose isn't the icing; it's baked into the cake.

Our beliefs.

We believe that gender parity has a fundamental bearing on the prosperity of economies and societies. Developing and deploying one-half of the world’s available talent has a huge bearing on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of societies, economies and businesses worldwide.


We believe in progress not perfection, and understand our small, but not insignificant role in working towards a more balanced and equitable society. Sending props to all the individuals, activists, politicians, role models, communities and movements working towards creating a better world!

What we do all day.

Girls Are Awesome is a conversation starter.


Through our three main pillars of Community, Brand and Impact Agency we create enabling conditions for change through culture and business.


That means showcasing role models, writing articles, hosting events, recording podcasts, shooting videos, developing products and working with our corporate partners on projects that increase female representation and level the playing field.

Our Three Pillars.


Inspirational and empowering stories of role models & makers who shape conversations and behaviour globally.


Products and experiences designed to help you think, feel and act awesome at the most exciting and ordinary moments in your daily life.

Impact Agency

Girls Are Awesome designs holistic digital and analogue content, communication, programs and experiences.

Everything we do looks good, feels fabulous and leaves a positive footprint.

Who we are.

Girls Are Awesome is an international team of makers and doers based in Copenhagen and Stockholm, with collaborators & fam from Accra to L.A.


Our backgrounds are dotted across media, retail, design, finance, hospo and the NGO world, and we share a love for shaping culture, delivering experiences and pushing the envelope on female representation.

Our Team.

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