About us

Girls Are Awesome is a purpose-driven brand and emerging media platform. We create and collaborate on projects that increase female representation.

What we do all day

Together with our growing community, and through social initiatives and partnerships, we create enabling conditions for change through culture. That means showcasing role models, writing articles, hosting events, recording podcasts, shooting video, developing product and talking with our partners about how to constantly increase female representation!

Our four main pillars

Content & Media

Creating and sharing inspiring stories of a range of role models, elevating the female perspective through art, music, sports, entrepreneurship & many other iterations of being a female-identifying person in the world.


Increasing our impact by collaborating with companies and brands that strengthen and enhance our mission; a bigger platform together!

Brand and products

To spread our message and statement and be a daily reminder that Girls Are Awesome.

Events and experiences

Building genuine connections beyond screens, uniting women from different backgrounds to grow the Girls Are Awesome family.

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Our beliefs

We believe that without diversity and inclusion, society cannot reach its full potential, and that through increasing female representation, showcasing role models, and amplifying the female voice, we inspire, elevate and empower girls and women. We believe in progress not perfection, and understand our small, but not insignificant role in working towards a more balanced and equitable society. Sending props to all the individuals, activists, politicians, role models, communities and movements working towards creating a better world!

Who we are

Girls Are Awesome was founded by two New Zealand childhood friends, Nick and Danny, who want to level the playing field for their daughters (and yours!) and help to pave a road for them towards a life of equal opportunity. With experience in media, design and shaping culture, they wanted to dedicate their time into more purposeful pursuits. Their sights are set high and are ever-expanding, fuelling a shared desire for equality and women’s empowerment that can create incremental changes toward a brighter future.



Led by CEO Pia Hagen and Brand Director Søs Bondo, the Girls Are Awesome team is a mix of women and men based between Copenhagen, Stockholm and Paris with Girls Are Awesome collaborators & fam all over the world from Accra to L.A. Our Board of Directors has a 50/50 split. Girls Are Awesome is partly owned by THANK YOU®, a start-up studio, which has helped incubate the first few years of Girls Are Awesome with their strategic design thinking, ridiculous office space and network.


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