About Us.

Girls Are Awesome is a Community, Brand and Impact Agency which creates content, experiences, products and partnerships towards gender equality.

What is Girls Are Awesome?

Girls Are Awesome is a conversation starter, and a global meeting point where everyone who identifies as a girl, a woman, and our allies. It’s a place for us to get inspired, learn something we didn’t know, share our experiences and grow in empathy as we work towards a more gender-equal future. It’s for – and by – all of us who want to be here, and want to be on this journey together.

What we do all day.

Though we often collaborate with non-profits, NGOs, grassroots organizations and activists – and love to! – we aren’t one ourselves. We’re a community, a brand and an impact agency where every bit of growth goes back into our projects. The purpose of the content that we create and share is to increase representation and amplify the voices that don’t often get heard enough. That means centering role models, gender minorities and amazing folks from all around the globe. 


We’re here to learn together, to grow from one another’s lived experiences, and try to do our part in building a more gender-equal world.

Our Team.

Our Three Pillars.


Inspirational and empowering stories of role models & makers who shape conversations and behaviour globally.


Products and experiences designed to help you think, feel and act awesome at the most exciting and ordinary moments in your daily life.

Impact Agency

Girls Are Awesome designs holistic digital and analogue content, communication, programs and experiences.

Everything we do looks good, feels fabulous and leaves a positive footprint.

Who we are.

Girls Are Awesome is an international team of makers and doers based in Copenhagen and Stockholm, with collaborators & fam from Accra to L.A.


Our backgrounds are dotted across media, retail, design, finance, hospo and the NGO world, and we share a love for shaping culture, delivering experiences and pushing the envelope on female representation.

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