AAPI Herstory: Nadya Okamoto in Conversation with Emma Tang

We’ve got the video from Nadya Okamoto’s AAPI Herstory series!

Image: Nadya Okamoto

AAPI Herstory is an ongoing series hosted by Nadya Okamoto, inspired by her academic work at Harvard with Dr. Vivian Shaw.

This week I sat down with Emma Tang to chat about being a young Asian American woman in 2020, growing up with the pressure to assimilate, and her impressive background as an organizer and activist via her Instagram platform @intersectional.abc. Emma also shared how the model minority myth erases the diversity even within the umbrella of AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander), and how the model minority myth erases the inequality (wage gap) amongst different ethnic groups.

Only this year, as a 22-year-old, did I really start to learn about the history of Asians in the United States – the restrictions on Asians not being allowed to immigrate to the US in the 20th Century, and Japanese internment. Over this summer, I also began working with accountability coaches who brought me to a new understanding of how the model minority myth around the AAPI community was created by white-owned media and rooted in anti-Blackness.

Check out our conversation by clicking the video above, and continue the conversation with us on social media: Emma’s IG| Nadya’s IG


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