A Quick Look At Chelsea Manning’s Closed-Press Sit Down

During her first visit to Denmark, the ex-military and ex-convict transgender political activist dropped truth bombs: “Stop making shit that hurts society.”

Activism | Chelsea Manning | electronic

Written by Sarah Goldstein


For those of you who aren’t familiar, Chelsea Manning is an American activist, “whistleblower,” and prominent transgender politician. Manning rocked the truth at Gloria, a refreshing and enlightening break from the typical Roskilde Festival chaos. After having gone from childhood home, to high-ranking military service and then to prison for crimes against the government, Chelsea is just now – at the tender age of 30 – learning to balance private, personal and public life.

Her whirlwind of experience has lead to many personal challenges as she navigates through the events in her life, not to mention wrestling to claim her own unique identity and learning along the way. She has wisely asked for space and time to figure it all out.

With her inspirational talk at Gloria, she encouraged everyone to consider their own ethical obligations in whatever they do, and to dare raise their voices to opposition, speaking their truths. In the middle of all the stories, it’s easy to lose sight of the real Chelsea, who has said that she herself looks forward to returning to her passion and hobby of producing electronic music. Who knew!?

We can all learn from Chelsea: Take chances, do the right thing and rock out! 

Activism | Chelsea Manning | electronic

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