5 Instagrammers That Keep Us Laughing – and Inspired!

Who’s been making you laugh and keeping you inspired this past year? We put together a little list featuring five of our favorite Instagrammers who are equal parts hilarious and motivating. Click here to have your day brightened!


Well, depending on where in the world you live (or find yourself), the social distancing and quarantine situation has been a bit like pandemic musical chairs – a couple of months stuck at home, followed by a few glorious weeks of freedom before heading back indoors. And whether we’re working from home or ‘dating’ our streaming service of choice, we’re spending more time than ever in front of our screens.

So, in order to stay sane and keep our chins up, we wanted to pass along a list of our five favorite Instagrammers who are sure to crack you up and brighten your day – whether your big adventure for the day was a road trip, or going from your bed to the couch!

These are just a few of the amazing content creators on Instagram who are more than a big smile and a clever caption; they’re putting their talents to serious use and growing their businesses alongside their follower count – and we truly love to see it! Scroll down for a chuckle and some inspiration!

Joy Ofodu – @joyofodu

We actually ‘met’ Joy Ofodu for ‘real’ on Clubhouse, the audio-only social media platform, where her quick wit and huge heart won us over immediately – and that was just the beginning! The 24-year-old Instagram marketing manager slash photographer slash Gen Z speaker slash influential techie is a major ray of sunshine in our newsfeed with her hilarious take on everyday moments – and we aren’t the only ones who think so! She’s gone viral a few times in the last few months for her reels, and with good reason. We can’t think of anyone who deserves a repost from Queen Mother Tina Knowles more! Here’s a bit more about her and all the ways she’s crushing it, beyond cracking us up:

Connect with Joy here:
IG: @JoyOfodu | www.JoyOfodu.com

Lilly Singh – @lilly

This social media powerhouse might already be on your follow list, boasting nearly 10M followers on Instagram and just about 15M on YouTube, where she’s been in the game for over ten years! Lilly Singh has used that time to hone her craft and her jokes, while giving other content creators a run for their money and staying true to her unique point of view. She’s known for great performances (and playing multiple characters in her sketches!), high production value and nailing

Beyond writing, directing, producing and starring in her content, she’s also branched out and has her own Skillshare course right now, where she’s helping other creators learn how to perfect their talents – awesome! And as though that wasn’t enough, she just announced new plans with NBC Universal and Netflix – wow! We love to see her continue to succeed, and it’s always a good day when she drops a new video!

Connect with Lilly here:
IG: @Lilly | Lilly’s YouTube

Jax – @jax

American Idol alum Jax has been in the game for a while, and her star keeps rising! She first landed on our radar when her original song Ring Pop went viral. The charming, catchy tune is quintessential Jax, whose TikTok and Instagram are full of warm-hearted covers of popular tunes with a funny twist (see above!).

We can’t get enough of Jax, and are happy to report that the Ring Pop success led to some pretty exciting news:

Connect with Jax here:
IG: @Jax | Jax’s YouTube | TikTok: @JaxWritesSongs

Elsa Majimbo – @majimb.o

Elsa Majimbo hasn’t turned 20 yet, but she’s cracked the 2 million follower mark on Instagram! You’ve likely seen the Instagrammer and Kenyan comedienne in your timeline with her signature potato chips, sunglasses and laying down on her bed – a combination that brought her viral success when lockdowns first hit in 2002. She was a breath of fresh air that so resonated with so many of us – including this familiar face! – and has continued to crack us up in the months since.

The self-proclaimed “professional bragger” also been super busy in that time! With increased visibility and popularity often comes some pretty cool opportunities, and Elsa is no exception. She’s found herself on the dance card of a few iconic celebrities (ever heard of Naomi Campbell, anyone?), as well as booking major gigs with companies like Netflix and Bumble – and even found herself in Vogue and (on the cover of) Teen Vogue! As if that’s not enough, she also landed campaigns for Fenty *and* Valentino, y’all! The lesson we’re choosing to take from all this is that it totally pays to be a “proud outfit repeater” who eats potato chips in bed and ignores texts – Amazing!

Connect with Elsa here:
IG: @Majimb.o | TikTok: @ElsaMajimbo

Sheena Melwani – @sheenamelwani

Another incredible Instagrammer who rocketed to stardom during quarantine is Sheena Melwani, the musically talented (and hilariously ridiculed by her off-camera “father”, @TheRealIndianDad) mom and influencer. Her YouTube has grown to nearly 200K subscribers and her TikTok boasts a wopping 7 million – none of which surprises us at all. Here’s why:

With her increased visibility and popularity, Sheena’s been able to take her music to a new level as well – which has been awesome to see! And her YouTube has been absolutely popping, due to series like “Asinine Advice“, where she and the Real Indian Dad “help” followers sort through their problems. It’s a sure-fire feel-good binge every time! And, as if they knew we were putting this piece together, a new series JUST launched this week, called “Chaos in the Kitchen” – their take on a cooking show that totally won’t go off the rails at all! Check it out:

Connect with Sheena here:
IG: @sheenamelwani | YouTube | TikTok: @sheenamelwani


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