Five Grungy Girl Rock Tracks to Beat the Tuesday Blues

Get ready for some punchy, rowdy sounds to kiss your ears like the symphonic sound of sizzling bacon.

And so, we’ve arrived to face the ugly, exhausting and all-too-common Tuesday Blues. What are the Tuesday Blues, you ask? Not to be confused with the Monday Blues, the Tuesday Blues hit when you wake up (presumably on a Tuesday), realize just how far away the weekend is and begin to feel tired, weepy, and all around Tuesday-bluesy.

So what’s the perfect remedy? This vintage, old-school girl grunge will take you back to graffitied lockers, after school detention and ditching the dance to go TP the principal’s house, straight out of an 80s John Hughes film. Get ready for the tough sound coming from these derisive female artists to kiss your ears like the symphonic sound of sizzling bacon.

“Pedestrian at Best” – because where would we be without Courtney Barnett? This brittle, beaten-up stream-of-consciousness bites as brutally as Joan Jett’s iconic “Bad Reputation.” I mean, she rhymes “Terpentine” with “Diatribe,” what’s not to like? Deserving of a Grammy. (Just saying. Fuck the system!)

“Cherry Picking” – This melodic punk tune comes from the Northampton, Massachusetts-based band Potty Mouth. The contents of Potty Mouth – Abby on lead guitar and vocals, Ally on bass, and Victoria on drums – are signed to Seattle grunge label, Hardly Art. This song is melting ice cream and urban dirt and too many stickers peeling on a hard surface.

“I Hate the Weekend” by Tacocat is a playful poke at the whimsicality of the 50s and 60s depiction of young people. The lighthearted chorus of “I hate the weekend” sounds like a flirtatious tune from the happy-go-lucky Beach Boys era in music with a slightly different message. Tacocat is also signed to Hardly Art, along with aforementioned fellow female rockers Potty Mouth.

“When the World Was Big” from the unwavering chorus of the illustrious Girlpool is a keeper. This song is a 2 minute long declaration of childhood and girlhood and sisterhood that is so true and so utterly nostalgic, it will bring back memories of your youth browned like the edges of an old photo. They capture the imperfection and clumsiness yet unapologetic defiance of young girls growing up. This song is grass stains, sun glare and smiles so wide they will most certainly leave wrinkles.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore” is the opener off of debut album from the one woman show that is Lucy Dacus. This song so, so accurately depicts a struggle with identity and an attitude of defiance towards the expectations of others. The rest of the album is absolute fire. Check out No Burden, her self-released nine-piece EP.

Tuesday Blues cured? Well, we tried.


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