11 Things Surrogates Want You to Know

Ever wondered what surrogacy is like? Well, four surrogates are here to answer your questions!

Photo by Aditya Romansa via Unsplash

There are countless ways for families to come together, and for many future parents and co-parents, surrogacy is a wonderful option to consider. It’s a process and an experience that many of us don’t know tons about, and might be curious to learn about – and who better to get the scoop from than a few surrogates themselves?

We stumbled over this video, featuring four surrogates who’ve carried several surrogacies to term between them, and who were gracious enough to answer 11 of the most common questions they receive. Questions like are they only in it for the money? Do they get too attached to the fetus? How does it affect their personal lives? Would they ever do it again? And lots more…

One thing’s for certain: These women have a special gift of love, and are awesomely selfless in a way that we aspire to be too! Get your questions answered and be inspired by their stories here:

Thanks to Hey Iris for putting this amazing interview together!


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