Brigette Hoffman Makes Plasticine Sculptures And Wearable Art

We spoke with Miami-born, Hamburg-based artist Brigette Hoffman about her latest collection of sculptures, how her art progresses and her biggest inspirations.

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Ivy Crown Is A Danish All-Female Metal Core Band

We spoke with the core members of Ivy Crown about their dynamic as an all-female band, metal as a genre and the music industry for women overall.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘OMG’ From Sampa The Great Is An Energetic Daydream

Zambian-born Australian rapper has released a brand new single and music video with matchless vision.

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Madame Gandhi, Inspiring Artist And Activist

We had the chance to get up close and personal with Indian-American artist Madame Gandhi and spoke about empowering women and herself through music.

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Lil Halima

Tune in to the very first Roskilde Festival edition of our Talking Tunes podcast with poignant Norwegian electrosoul artist Lil Halima.

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‘Stand By Me’ Roskilde Festival 2019

This year, Roskilde’s theme is: solidarity, inspired by young people fighting for a better world for us to live in. We asked some women for stories about when another person’s solidarity meant the world to them, big or small.

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Can The World’s Most Orange Festival Go Green?

We’re talking sustainability at Roskilde Festival. With the help of some fellow planet-conscious individuals, we explore how we can collectively start turning the mad seas of orange into a greener future.

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Girls Are Talking – Music Industry Magic

We hosted another successful Girls Are Talking event, this time at Roskilde Festival, surrounding a relevant topic: the music industry.

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‘Meet You At La Pissoir, Darling’

This is Roskilde’s first festival with female urinals - which is huge. We hung around them in a totally non-creepy way and got all the feedback we could from our vagina-owning friends.

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Here’s What You Missed At Roskilde Festival 2019

Catch our Roskilde Festival photo diary filled with beer bottles, blow-up dolls and plenty of classic moments to forget/regret at a later date...

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Hack Your Future Is Creating Positive Futures For Women

We spoke to two coding students from Hack Your Future, the organization helping refugees through programming and technology courses.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Who To See At Roskilde 2019

Whether or not you're out there braving the elements at Roskilde Festival, tune in to these amazing featured female artists.

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Sonia Ziegler’s Photography Is An Emotional Journey

Copenhagen people, be sure to catch Sonia Ziegler's latest photography exhibition, "Reflections", a collection of stories from women over the age of 65.

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The Latest Commercial From Billie Is Legendary

Watch the latest ad from Billie, the first ever women's razor company to portray female body hair and encourage you to do you when it comes to your own preferences.

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Introducing: Danish-Ugandan Activist, Mary Consolata

"I can’t imagine getting up in the morning and not being able to leave my apartment because I have my period. [...] Something so natural and something that all women have been experiencing for so many years."

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Sasami

The latest episode of Talking Tunes features Sasami, a talented multi-instrumentalist from the US who gets nerdy on analog vs digital recording and different techniques for learning instruments.

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Bri Hall Is A Multi-Talented Creative Queen

East Coast angel Bri Hall, musically known as La Hara, is a badass YouTuber, lifestyle blogger, songwriter and singer who wants you to live your most authentic life.

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PREMIERE: ‘Too Young To Know’ From M w S

We spoke with Giulia of indie soul duo M w S about her relationship to music, the importance of multi-cultural creativity and her sage advice to fellow musicians.

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‘Afterparty’ From Violet Days Is About Getting Better At Being Alone

We spoke with Lina Hansson of Swedish electronic duo, Violet Days, about her personal background, collaborating on their latest release and the state of the music industry for women.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: The Vibe Is ‘Lonely City’ From Laura Misch

UK singer, songwriter, multiple instrumentalist and producer Laura Misch has dropped an eclectic mini album that will give you goosebumps.

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CPH Open x Don’t Give a Fox

See what went down at the best trick at a dressed-up Rabalder Parken in Roskilde as the Don't Give a Fox crew hosted Cph Open on their home turf. Photography by Felix Adler.

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PREMIERE: ‘Singing Without You’ From EYLIE Is A Perfect Tribute

The latest single and music video from Swedish artist, EYLIE, is a deep and personal story about life after the loss of her father.

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adidas ‘Home of Classics’ Launch Is A Collection Of Inspiring Stories

Catch the latest campaign from pam pam: an inspiring medley of women artists and entrepreneurs who live their lives in dope sneaks.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Sweet Blue’ From Cleo Sol Is A Groove

The latest single from London-based singer and songwriter, Cleo Sol, is like a refreshing dip in crystal clear waters.

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Get Your Body Moving With Copenhagen Girls Gathering

Copenhagen Girls Gathering is a weekend-long parkour event, for those who like to get active and throw their body around in a concrete jungle.

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PREMIERE: Hedara’s ‘Numb’ Is Emotional AF

Catch the latest from London up-and-comer, Hedara: an unapologetic ode to feeling the feels.

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The Latest Campaign From Elaine Hersby Is An Effortless Paradise

Elaine Hersby's wearable chic garments come to life in the latest campaign featuring Royal Danish Ballet dancer, Ida Praetorius.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Lil Halima’s ‘for the bright days’ Will Light Up Your World

Norwegian artist Lil Halima's latest release is a three-track, sunny porch sitting collection with soulful vibes for days.

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Audi Nines Ladies’ Shredit

Watch the world's best female snowboarders and skiers shred out on the course at the international Audi Nines event.

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Iris Gold Wants You To Dance Your Cares Away Right Fucking Now

We spoke with Danish up-and-comer Iris Gold about her forthcoming debut album, retro diva vibes and how to self-care before going on stage or day-to-day.

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Girls Are Talking – Moms And Daughters

Catch a quick summary of our discursive Talks event, this time centered around mothers, daughters and how that relationship plays out IRL.

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Audi Nines Is A Ski And Snowboarders Paradise

Catch our exclusive conversations with several badass snowboarders from the Nines here.

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