Tuesday’s Tunes: Novaa’s ‘Elon’ Will Give You The Chills

Southern-German indie electronic goddess, Novaa, has dropped a soul-stirring single about the infinite beauty of living in the here and now.

Watch the Skatekoner (Skate Wives) on their Tour of Denmark

Join the Skatekoner as they trip around Danish cities spreading their skateboard gospel and getting more girls into skating.

PREMIERE: ‘Stupid Boi’ From Katlah Welcomes You To An Alternate Universe

Flabbergastingly pink Danish singer, songwriter and producer Katlah's debut song is a buoyant tune speaking to the power of telling someone off... straight up.

Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Feel The Way I Want’ by Caroline Rose

Take a dip into the latest from NYC-native Caroline Rose, a smooth and sunny single here to remind you to fall in love with your damn self.

Welcome to the World of Leah Wellbaum

We had a chat with Slothrust's Leah Wellbaum on creative flow, embracing the space of live performance and past songs that no longer make the set-list.

Meet Tuesday Bassen, the Self-Made Designer with No Patience for Stereotypes

We chatted with LA-based illustrator and fashion designer Tuesday Bassen about balancing her passions, defining her own success and the vital importance of size-inclusion.

View the World Through the Lens of Sonia Ziegler

Danish photographer and skate culture enthusiast Sonia Ziegler captures the world through an adventurous and compassionate perspective, this time exploring Amman, Jordan for great skate spots.

Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘No Place for Patience, Vol. 3’ by Biig Piig Is The Vibe

Tune in to the latest output from London-based artist Biig Piig: an unstoppably flowy EP that will both lull you to sleep and wake you from your outdated outlook on life.

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PREMIERE: Watch Cat Burns’ BTS Video for ‘I Don’t Blame You’

This London-based artist's latest release is a meaningful ode to her complicated relationship with her father. The music video reflects this powerful journey.

The Venus Spejlet Is A Powerful Way To View Your Lady Parts

The Venus Spejlet is the first ever vulva mirror, created for the purpose of encouraging girls and women to explore their vaginas in all their glory.

Podcast: Talking Tunes with Lydmor

Here's a throwback to the fourth and final installment of our Roskilde Festival special edition of the Talking Tunes podcast, featuring mega-talented Danish artist and producer, Lydmor.

PREMIERE: “out-in” by MONDAY is A Dreamy Love Song

Tune in to the latest from Portuguese indie soul artist, MONDAY, a laid-back tune about the ins and outs of comfortable distance.

Lose Yourself in ‘Nothing Can Compare’ From Agnes

This badass EP from Swedish experimental electro-pop artist will sweep you off your feet and make you dance at the same damn time.

Tuesday’s Tunes: Put on ‘JUICE’ from Blondage to Embrace the Feels

'JUICE' from Danish electropop duo Blondage will awaken the feels you didn't even know you had. Tune in here!!

Girls Are Talking – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Together with Innovationsfonden, we were happy to present an inspirational evening of talks from three wildly different women, who shared their stories of success and adversity on their way to running their own companies.