Jade Bird’s ‘I Get No Joy’ Will Make You Live Your Badass Dreams

British babe Jade Bird's latest release and music video is a fiery anthem that happens to be a perfect ode to Aries season, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Meet the Crew from Roskilde Who Just Don’t Give A Fox

In the wake of their self-titled documentary series, members of the Roskilde skate crew "Don't Give A Fox" share their journey of self-discovery while pushing the boundaries of what society, their parents and their own dreams demand.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Novaa’s ‘HMLTM’ Is Good Vibes

This latest tasty tune from Novaa is a hey, hello, hit me up later that speaks to your sultry side.

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We Love Female Skateboarders on Billboards in Times Square

Check out this bold statement from pro skateboarder and founder of 'Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word', Cindy Whitehead, giving women and girls recognition for being fierce and formidable in their own way.

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PREMIERE: Here’s ‘All My Shit’ From MENDOZA

Tune in to the latest release from this smashing Danish kween - her signature steeze is enough to wake you from your winter coma.

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‘Finding Big Country’ Is The Heartfelt Adventure You Need Right Now

This passionate documentary short follows filmmaker and superfan Kathleen Jayme as she searches for her childhood basketball hero, Bryant 'Big Country' Reeves.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Billie Eilish’s ‘wish you were gay’ Is A Big Mood

This latest bangin' single will make you feel all of the things and let them go at the same time.

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“Of the Earth” Is All About Connectivity And Alternative Health

We spoke to Danniel Swatosh of Humble Bloom and Ximena Castellanos Dagnino of Taima Meds about the healing potential that can be grown from Mother Earth.

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Join HOUSEFRAU’s Rad Party For International Women’s Day

This female-driven party concept knows how to throw together an explosive celebration and they want you Copenhagen homies up in the mix.

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Hang With HUN SOLO For International Women’s Day

These native Copenhageners know the importance of lifting up fellow talented women and have an all-around good time while they're at it!

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PREMIERE: ‘Vitamins’ from ANNAVR Is About The Vastness Of Everything

The transcendent new release will inspire you to push your own boundaries and take up space in the world.

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Our Girls Are Awesome Guide To International Women’s Day

Check out some of these awe-inspiring events, talks, festivals, club nights, demonstrations, etc. all dedicated to women around the world for International Women's Day 2019.

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Turn Up With Intention For International Women’s Week

This Berlin event includes eye-opening feminist film screenings and open DJ sets featuring female/non binary peeps from the No Shade collective. Proceeds go to Hope Center Uganda!

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Jamila Woods Speaks Truth With ‘ZORA’

This soulful Chicago native's latest release is a tribute to walking your own path and going with the flow.

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Watch ‘A Land Shaped By Women’ And Be Insanely Inspired

This amazing documentary explores gender equality in Iceland through the eyes of pro snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer.

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Meet British Painter and Sculpturist Helen Marten

We have a massive girl crush on Helen Marten for her remarkably calming creative absurdity.

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Insta Inspo: These Crazy Talented Makeup Artists Are Raising the Bar

Take a look at their unique IG feeds - each one is serving face for days in interesting ways.

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How Much Waste Does It Take To Make A Meal, Anyway?

From Sweet Sneak Studios, see an important photo series that exposes the truth behind packaging waste for the most common food products.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Lil Halima’s ‘for the dark days’ Will Speak To Your Dreamiest Self

This self-produced Norwegian artist has released an ethereally on-point EP that will make you see stars.

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PREMIERE: “Five by Five” By MENDOZA Is A Vibe

Her latest single and music video is a post-modern badgirl alt pop anthem that'll get stuck in your head before the song is even over.

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Sweet Sneak Is Sneaking Love To People In The Form Of Tasty Treats And Even Tastier Ideas

We spoke with one of the five founders, Brini, about their adventures with food and creative content production.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: The Acoustic Version Of RAY BLK’s ‘Paradise’

This heartfelt rendition of Londoner RAY BLK's already powerful song will give you chills for days.

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Meet Tia Korpe, The Founder of Future Female Sounds

We spoke about creating equity between women and men in the music industry, starting an all-female DJ school in Tunisia and her belief that music is a basic human need.

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Shikoswe’s ‘Two Heads in a Room’ Is Everything

We spoke with this beautifully blooming Norwegian artist about the story behind her latest tune, the writing process and what's coming up next.

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Insta Inspo: Four Photographers That’ll Make You Feel Things

These masters behind the lens fill their IG feed with poignant messages about how they view the world.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Cleo Sol’s ‘One’ Is Another Vintage Daydream

This British-Jamaican gem is serving all kinds of sunny nostalgia with her latest single.

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Watch Laura Kaczmarek and the Heckmecks Crew Slay For A Day

The all-girl skate crew are there for each other through thick and thin.

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Alice Merton Writes Music About People Places and Things

We chatted with the Canadian expat about collaborating to bring her album together, the writing process and advice for fellow music peeps.

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Insta Inspo: Painters That’ll Have You Dreaming In Colorful Brush Strokes

Jump into the magical world of these talented artists though their IG feed!

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Dolapo’s ‘Skin’ Is Empowering Sexiness

South London honey Dolapo brings it with this three-minute wonder that'll leave you basically breathless.

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Meet Atusa Jafari, A 19-Year-Old With A Passion For Paint

“When I paint, I forget everything that happens around me - it has a therapeutic effect"

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