Lili’s Insta Inspo: Boss Bitches of Female Rap

Rap Baddies that make you wanna YAS KWEEN into eternity.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: G.L.A.M. Has Got it Going On

This crazy talented West Coast rap goddess is bringing it to the next level and wants you to do the same.

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Lizzo Can Twerk While Playing the Flute

Get your eyes and ears ready for some serious talent and hilarious swag for days.

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Filiz Serinyel’s Photography Is Massively On Point

We talked about core values, photography goals, the Berlin lifestyle, and the time she and Laura Reuss got matching haircuts.

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Laura and Filiz Take Copenhagen

Laura Reuss and Filiz Serinyel brought their strong creative vibes to Copenhagen, Denmark. Spoiler alert: they were killin' it.

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Sooo, This Is a Thing

We just became aware that in 2014, the British government banned female ejaculation.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Pick A Color’ from Leikeli47 Is a Big Mood

Her latest release is about celebrating black womanhood and overall badassery.

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Lili’s Insta Inspo: Curvy Girls Galore

Curvy babes that stunt with their unretouched and honest beauty.

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A Blast From the Past: Legends of Rhythm & Blues

Feeling a little bored with your playlists right now? Dive right back into these iconic female voices.

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Laura Reuss’s ‘Mulitplicity’ by Jan Gleie and Filiz Serinyel

See the result when award-winning director Jan Gleie teams up with Berlin director and producer Filiz Serinyel to create an out-of-this-world dance video.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Little Simz is a Boss

Her latest track is an unapologetic anthem for the baddest girls in the game.

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Female DJs Weren’t Really A Thing In Ghana… Until Now

TMSKD wasn't digging the scene, so she made her own groove.

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For Laura Reuss, Dance Is Life

We talked with the classical/contemporary ballet dancer about her upbringing, the evolution of dance, and why she gives it her all every damn day.

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Weed and Wellness: Wisdom from Humble Bloom Co-founders

Get woke about US drug policy, farm culture, being a responsible consumer and all things cannabis.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘New Boo’ from Kwamie Liv is Sultry AF

Let this single be your anthem for individuality today; the accompanying visual is just as badass.

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Isabella Eklöf Shook Some Audiences with Her Film ‘Holiday’

One year after the #METOO movement began, where do we go from here? Isabella Eklöf thinks the solution is more visibility and more awareness, as evidenced by her boundary-pushing film.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: UMI’s ‘Remember Me’ is an Ode to Old Selves

Get lost in this tender yet ultimately uplifting reverie.

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Girls Are Talking – Get Cracking Wrap Snaps

See the pics from last night's 10th Girls Are Talking event hosted at the Girls Are Awesome HQ in Copenhagen.

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HUN SOLO Rolls it Out for the UN International Day of Girls with ‘PIGE’

This epic music video celebrates girlhood in all different kinds of ways.

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Mariah Duran’s Playlist

Get into this selection of smooth bop bop jams that might just end up being your favourite playlist.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Pretty Dreamer / Petty Lover’ from Jaz Karis

Let the buttery smooth pair of singles send off your dreamy summer vibes.

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This New Line of Intimates is For Literally Everyone

Moons and Junes' latest body-inclusive, soft and subtle collection is meant for you to be your realest, most comfortable and badass self, at any and all times.

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Marysia Nikitiuk Sees Beauty in the Little Things

Ukrainian director Marysia Nikitiuk talks about stubbornness, imagination and the importance of living wildly.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Mulita’ by Leikeli47 is a Groove and a Half

Let this hard-hitting bassline pick you right TF up today.

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Anne-Flore Marxer and a Land Shaped by Women

Hear about the world champion snowboarder's experiences living in a van for 2 months to create a film - that's now taken off on an adventure of its own.

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Patricia Gloum Is A Badass Director and Filmmaker

We got down to the nitty gritty about non-linear forms of storytelling, messing with traditional female stereotypes and unreleased projects.

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Lili’s Insta Inspo: Illustrators and Cartoonists

This first installment is brought to you by: illustrators and cartoonists with drawings so beautiful and relatable it makes you wanna giggle and cry at the same time.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Noname’s ‘Room 25’ is Medicine for the World

Put in some sweet sweet headphones and let this Chicago native’s album speak to your soul.

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Our Picks for CPH PIX

Whether you're ready to laugh, cry or you're just on for the ride, support these women's iconic films this Fall.

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Danika Maia Talks About Her New Project ILLUMINATE

She effortlessly organized these very special Nordic-influenced artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Watch what happens when they're asked how art can change the world.

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PREMIERE: Zápata Dances with ‘Doubt’ and ‘Fear’ in Her New Music Video

Jump into the surreal and soulful scene this 20-year-old Danish Colombian artist created. We talked about the process behind the video, the origin of her name and turning tension into art.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s ‘Memo’ EP Will Make You Feel Things

The New York-based future soul savant’s sophomore EP is a gently atmospheric ode to individuality.

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