Merino Icon Beanie

Our super cosy beanie is selling quicker than you binge watched Stranger Things this weekend.



Merino Icon Beanie

Our super cosy beanie is selling quicker than you binge watched Stranger Things this weekend.


Girls Are Talking – Take Your Position

Check out what you missed at our last Girls Are Talking event at Villa Kultur in Copenhagen.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Elli Ingram’s “Love You Really” Is Epic R&B Goodness

Bask in the raw, unadulterated awesomeness that is this Brighton-born artist's bodacious debut album.

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Zuhal Kocan’s dreamy analogue Vision

Celebrating female creativity! Zuhal Kocan - another exceptional Copenhagen based photographer with Istanbulian roots, featured alongside a collaboration between the Global Movement One Billion Rising and Girls Are Awesome.

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South African-Mozambican music collective Batuk wants you to move your tush

Batuk just dropped their latest music video Move! and it's the weekend warm-up track that’s been missing in your life.

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“Keep Cool” Music Video = Grooves, Boobs and Hella Nineties Vibes

Up-and-coming Danish artist JADA's new music video is a crash course in love and self-care.

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Sara Zanella: Life, Death, Time and Beauty

Sara's work will be exhibited at Villa Kultur, Copenhagen 22nd February until March 15th.

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Introducing: Sarah Riisager

"Fear and failure are two words that I work with a lot. If it was just easy, then it probably wouldn’t be as fun as I think it is." - Meet Sarah Riisager: photographer, dreamer and realist in our new series, Introducing.

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The CHAINS Guide to St. Pauli and Reeperbahn

Here are the hole-in-the-wall snack joints and chill spots you need to hit in Hamburg's finest neighbourhoods.

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Meet Camilla Zuleger, the Woman Bringing Experimental New Nordic Literature to Germany

With her publishing house, Nord Verlag, Camilla set out to conquer German hearts with emerging Scandi prose.

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Jana Federov a.k.a. Xuli Loves Calligraphy and Conspiracy Theories

The Hamburg-based calligrapher really digs typography and mysterious phenomena.

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Døde Peters Klub and Bene’s Cozy New Track Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

Even the most cynical of you won't be able to resist the soothing, indie feels of "Be Ur Friend."

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Carina Lue a.k.a. DJ CRI$PY C Loves Lil B, Good Vibes and Crispy Chicken

We had a quick chat with the Hamburg-based DJ about the based god, getting into DJing and other random stuff.

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Hey, Really Good Female Skateboarders: Wanna Get Paid? Talk to Yulin Olliver

We talked to the entrepreneur behind Yunexis about building a talent agency for female skateboarders and making the industry more equal.

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Kathy Ager: “Most of My Paintings Are Like a Peek Into My Dark Basement”

We spoke with the Amsterdam-based artist about expressing darkness through still lifes a few days before she exhibits with us.

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Photos From DJ CRI$PY C and Xuli’s ‘Chains’ Launch Party

Here's what it looked like when the duo opened a club night dedicated to all things trap in the heart of Hamburg's Reeperbahn.

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Alia Wilhelm’s Lush and Evocative Photos of Vietnam and Burma

The Turkish-German photographer spent 100 days in Southeast Asia. Here are some of the colours, landscapes and people her camera captured.

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Meet the Duo Shaking Up Hamburg’s Hip Hop Scene

With their new project Chains, DJ CRI$PY C and illustrator Xuli aim to bring international oomph to the city's tight-knit trap scene.

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Recipes and Resistance: How Black Food Bloggers Club Created a Space for Conscious Food Nerds

We spoke with founder Jasmine Lukuku about creating communities for people of colour in food and jetting off to Ecuador to find the perfect chocolate.

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As Seen by Her: Sculptor Carla Cascales Alimbau Finds Beauty in the Forgotten

The Barcelona-based artist explains what drove her to ditch stability for art and love what people throw away.

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As Seen by Her: Illustrator Helena Ravenne Puts a Minimalist Spin on Mental Health and Sexuality

The German artist writes about portraying bodies of all shapes and sizes and confronting anxiety with her pastel colours and minimalist design.

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How Merve Şapçı Campaigned for Hijabs in Basketball and Won

The Turkish athlete was instrumental in lifting the country's hijab ban in basketball. Here's how she did it.

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Adele Renault Will Make You Become Obsessed with Pigeons

We spoke with the Belgian artist about appreciating the misunderstood bird and discovering a wonderfully weird community of pigeon lovers.

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For Creative Resistance and Damn Good Music, Look No Further Than SHE 4

We talked to the New York concert concept's founder about uniting women of color to highlight camaraderie, creativity and resilience.

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Watch Noa Moon’s Subdued and Pensive Music Video for ”Sparks”

Transport yourself to the oceans of your mind through this immersive film.

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Don’t Ask Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen to Make Art That’s ‘Beautiful’

We talked to the Chicago-based, Danish artist about taking risks and ditching beauty for substance.

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The Granny Report: Aslaug Margrethe Nebel

The 84-year-old avid traveller and mother of three told us about dealing with WWII as a child and the lice, mice and long journeys she endured.

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As Seen by Her: Creative Helene Kask on the Art of Battling a Stress Disorder

The Swedish jeweller and dreamcatcher-maker writes about what happened when her body had had enough—and how she still deals with it today.

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