‘Viva La Vulva’, Indeed!

This three minute video is as hilarious as it is empowering. Enjoy your womanhood a little extra today.

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The Ultimate Girls Are Awesome Christmas Gift Guide

Get the goods for your mom, your friend, your step dad, your daughter, your brother or your always kinda drunk uncle. Or just for yourself, cause we all know you deserve it.

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We chatted with this unconventional artist about musical motivations, personal inspirations and the industry at large.

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Laura Reuss’ Genre-Blending Playlist

This Berlin-based dancer must want you to get groovy too - we dare you to sit still through this playlist.

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Three Old TV Shows Worth Revisiting

These female-led casts from the olden times will make you laugh (and thank your lucky stars that you live in the 21st century).

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Billie Eilish’s New Single Will Move You

Get ready to cry a whole bunch of happy tears to this latest soul-stirring jam.

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The ‘Concrete Girls’ Look Book is Here

Feast your eyes (and wallets) on this unique collection from photographer and founder of female skate movement, Concrete Girls.

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Girls Are Talking – Never Not Working

Settle in and take a listen to our talks, this time surrounding the topic #NeverNot, hosted in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Here’s Erin Walter’s Take on Beauty

Take a look at this California makeup artist's interpretation of living and breathing beauty in an otherwise rigid industry-oriented atmosphere.

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Coco O

Hear the Danish soul singer/songwriter talk in detail about the creation of her song "1000 Times" after breaking off from Quadron on a solo career.

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Get Down with Nora Vasconcellos’s Artistic Side

Nora is a bit of a legend already with her skate accomplishments at just a quarter of a century old. Take a look at her more artistic side here.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Novaa Slays with ‘Almond Eyes’

The sultry tune takes on the complicated topic of consent with a fiery flair.

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Girls Are Talking – The Journey to Success

We had an amazing Girls Are Talking event with two V inspiring stories about different definitions and versions of success.

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MARY JEAN Ties Together Nordic and African Tribal Influences

Watch the stunning new music video for 'The In Between', and catch our exclusive chat about world travels, creation and life purpose.

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Københavnerlivet (Life in Copenhagen) Podcast is Back

Listen to the first episode of season two, chatting with the fabulous DJ Lady Smita.

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Introducing: Inspiring Athlete, Nagwa Brown

"How you see the world is not necessarily how I see the world. I feel this view gave me a lot of human insight and I wouldn't want to live without it" - Nagwa Brown, fighter and basketball champ.

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Get Your Eyes On the ‘Company’ Music Video

The transcendent track features fire vocals from Danish singer and songwriter Soleima, and the accompanying visual is a creepy cyber experience.

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When in Paris… BTS on Laura Reuss’s Dance Video

Taking three days out from their busy schedule in Berlin, Laura Reuss and Filiz Serinyel spent the weekend in Paris with director Jan Gleie and our crew to continue shooting an epic dance video.

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Lili’s Insta Inspo: Boss Bitches of Female Rap

Rap Baddies that make you wanna YAS KWEEN into eternity.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: G.L.A.M. Has Got it Going On

This crazy talented West Coast rap goddess is bringing it to the next level and wants you to do the same.

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Lizzo Can Twerk While Playing the Flute

Get your eyes and ears ready for some serious talent and hilarious swag for days.

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Filiz Serinyel’s Photography Is Massively On Point

We talked about core values, photography goals, the Berlin lifestyle, and the time she and Laura Reuss got matching haircuts.

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Laura and Filiz Take Copenhagen

Laura Reuss and Filiz Serinyel brought their strong creative vibes to Copenhagen, Denmark. Spoiler alert: they were killin' it.

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Sooo, This Is a Thing

We just became aware that in 2014, the British government banned female ejaculation.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Pick A Color’ from Leikeli47 Is a Big Mood

Her latest release is about celebrating black womanhood and overall badassery.

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Lili’s Insta Inspo: Curvy Girls Galore

Curvy babes that stunt with their unretouched and honest beauty.

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A Blast From the Past: Legends of Rhythm & Blues

Feeling a little bored with your playlists right now? Dive right back into these iconic female voices.

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Laura Reuss’s ‘Mulitplicity’ by Jan Gleie and Filiz Serinyel

See the result when award-winning director Jan Gleie teams up with Berlin director and producer Filiz Serinyel to create an out-of-this-world dance video.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Little Simz is a Boss

Her latest track is an unapologetic anthem for the baddest girls in the game.

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Female DJs Weren’t Really A Thing In Ghana… Until Now

TMSKD wasn't digging the scene, so she made her own groove.

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For Laura Reuss, Dance Is Life

We talked with the classical/contemporary ballet dancer about her upbringing, the evolution of dance, and why she gives it her all every damn day.

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