Girls Are Awesome x Volt Charger

The Girls Are Awesome x Volt Charger ensures you’ll have a enough juice on your handy to send those really important 3am bootycalls. Perfect festival bestie.


Girls Are Awesome x Volt Charger

The Girls Are Awesome x Volt Charger ensures you’ll have a enough juice on your handy to send those really important 3am bootycalls. Perfect festival bestie.


Tuesday’s Tunes: Marian Hill’s “Unusual” Lives Up To Their Usual Greatness

Take a dip into the weird and wonderful world of this Philadelphia born and bred pair once again.

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Franka Marlene Talks About Gender, Ethnic Diversity and Her Fascination with the Human Body

Partnering with our soulmate platform "As Seen By Her", we are highlighting some awesome ladies, like the ever-ethereal dancer Franka Marlene.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s “Betsy Ross” Is A Critique Of America

The song will make you wanna get down, but also get up and make the world a better place.

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Juliet Allen Loves Sex and Thinks You Should Too

The celebrated Australian Sex Coach offers the kind of Sex Education advice you didn't learn in school.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Cleo Sol’s “Winter Songs” Are Organic Summer Grooves

The four piece EP will have you feeling like cruising coolly to Cabo in a convertible in the 1960s.

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A Day In The Life: Photographer Michelle Figueroa’s Exclusive Window Into New York City Culture

We had a chat with the born and raised NYC native about her experiences at New York Fashion Week, retouching and Instagram culture.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: “Perdida” by Biig Piig Is The Chillest

Calm your spirit with the latest from this 20-year-old Londoner's simplistic R&B reverie.

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Collaboration Nation – These New Zealand Ladies Know What’s Up

Theia partners with fashion phenomenon Tia Feng and photographer/filmmaker Frances Carter to make a fire music video for "BYE BYE". Tune in for fresh-to-death female vibes.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: UMI Is A Lo-fi R&B Vibe Queen

She's a badass bitch but her new song "Butterfly" is probably the most beautiful thing you'll hear all week.

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Put JADA’s “Sure” On Repeat Already

Danish R&B up-and-comer is making her glorious presence more and more boldly and we can't get enough.

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Take A Walk Through Colorful Le Raclet Studio In Berlin

Their fully equipped screenprinting studio is founded and run by creative women and specializes in churning out the dopest art imaginable.

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PREMIERE: Aureola’s “Love Me Any Way You Like” Music Video = Epic Feminine Energy

The video is directed by women and features womanhood and female friendship in an empowering context.

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In Conversation: Lizz, DJ Cri$py C & Xuli

"Success is to make all the things you do, and be happy doing it!" - Lizz

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Photographer Anita Cheung’s Not-So-Simple Question For Women of Colour

"Where Are You Really From?" is a poignant photo series that explores the joys and struggles of growing up with multicultural heritage.

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Backlip For A T-Shirt? The First Annual Girls Are Awesome Laax Jam Sesh

Take a look at what went down at the first annual Girls Are Awesome Jam Session in Laax last week.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Marian Hill’s “Differently” Is An Empowering Cautionary Tale

Here's a taste of what's to come from their album that's dropping very soon. Spoiler alert: it's gonna be sexy AF.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Iris Gold’s “The Interlude EP” Is A Mood

Sexy vocals + tasty melodies + dynamic production = actual gold

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This Documentary About “Nasty Gal” Betty Davis Is Mind-Blowing

'Seeing Betty Davis perform is like seeing an X-rated film when you expect to see Walt Disney.' The fascinating film follows her life and legacy—we're hosting an event with the director Phil Cox himself.

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The Jib Day Project Takes Kleinwasertal Once Again

Join Europe's best female rail eaters for the 7th Annual Jib Day at Crystalground Snowpark in the Austrian valley Kleinwalsertal.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Ravyn Lenae’s “Crush EP” Will Feed Your Soul

The album is a serene yet stirring breath of fresh air, harnessing ethereal 90s R&B vibes left and right.

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LIZZ Lit it Up at Chainz Club in Hamburg

30 minutes of music magic. Tune in if you like reggaeton, oversized hoop earrings, Cardi B vibes and dancing your butt off.

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Turn TF Up To TEREZA’s Women’s Day Jams

Fun feminine funky fresh vibes for days—but specifically for today.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Beach House is Back with “Lemon Glow”

The trippy track will immediately transport you to bellbottoms, flower children and makeout sessions in VW vans.

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We Had A Chat With TEREZA About Her Epic “Ode to Erykah Badu”

Why she's just doing her, following her guts, striving to be the best version of herself and mixing flawless waves of creativity and passion.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Caroline Rose’s “LONER” is Sarcastic Rebellious Early 2000s Vibes

She challenges us all to take ourselves less seriously and embrace the gloriously absurd.

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Here’s What You Missed at the Chains Club Lizz x Xuli Birthday Especiale

Fur coats, fur hats, sexy rhythms and steezy squad. Hamburg's finest turned up in style for another banging night at Chains Club.

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Girls Are Talking – Take Your Position

Check out what you missed at our last Girls Are Talking event at Villa Kultur in Copenhagen.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Elli Ingram’s “Love You Really” Is Epic R&B Goodness

Bask in the raw, unadulterated awesomeness that is this Brighton-born artist's bodacious debut album.

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Zuhal Kocan’s dreamy analogue Vision

Celebrating female creativity! Zuhal Kocan - another exceptional Copenhagen based photographer with Istanbulian roots, featured alongside a collaboration between the Global Movement One Billion Rising and Girls Are Awesome.

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South African-Mozambican music collective Batuk wants you to move your tush

Batuk just dropped their latest music video Move! and it's the weekend warm-up track that’s been missing in your life.

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“Keep Cool” Music Video = Grooves, Boobs and Hella Nineties Vibes

Up-and-coming Danish artist JADA's new music video is a crash course in love and self-care.

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