Iris Gold Wants You To Dance Your Cares Away Right Fucking Now

We spoke with Danish up-and-comer Iris Gold about her forthcoming debut album, retro diva vibes and how to self-care before going on stage or day-to-day.

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Girls Are Talking – Moms And Daughters

Catch a quick summary of our discursive Talks event, this time centered around mothers, daughters and how that relationship plays out IRL.

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Audi Nines Is A Ski And Snowboarders Paradise

Catch our exclusive conversations with several badass snowboarders from the Nines here.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Unemployed’ From Tierra Whack Is Everything

This quirky rapper from Philadelphia has the energy to bring you back to life this week and always.

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PREMIERE: Watch The ‘Limit Of Love’ Music Video From I Am Boleyn

I Am Boleyn's latest release is all about breaking down barriers, overcoming darkness and self love.

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The Documentary Providing A Fresh Perspective On US Politics

'Knock Down The House' follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the twenty-something Latina bartender from the Bronx who went on to win a key congressional seat for her NYC district. This grassroots campaign is what politics should look like.

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‘A Chasa’ Is A Cruise In The Boots Of Swiss Snowboarder Elena Könz

Watch her step outside of the box and live out her passion in fresh and unexpected ways - whether on top of mountains buried in powder, or in her own backyard.

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PREMIERE: ‘Crave Easy’ Is A Nostalgic Daydream From Candy Says

Grab a listen to this grungy indie-rock throwback from the understated British electro-pop band, Candy Says.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Sia’s Vocals On ‘LABRINTH, SIA & DIPLO PRESENT… LSD’ Though!

Catch Sia Furler's latest awesomeness: she carries an insane full-album collab with Labrinth and Diplo. Needless to say, it's dope AF.

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‘Embracing Solitude’ From Exstoa Is A Sound Diary Of Japan’s Landscapes

We spoke with the mastermind behind Exstoa, Danish singer and bassist Ida Urd, about her journey writing and recording in Japan, being a person and 'Embracing Solitude'.

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Catch The Camp With These 2019 MET Gala Looks

All the pretty people descended on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC this week to party it up with the wildest fashion moments imaginable.

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GoGetty Is Leveling The Playing Field For Women, Career-Wise

We spoke to the founders Helene Aagaard and Ewelina Reszke about developing GoGetty, the state of women in Denmark compared to the world stage and the importance of data in the fight for equality.

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ With Ladi6

The latest episode of Talking Tunes features Ladi6, a talented rapper and singer from New Zealand who has stories about everything from studio battles to working motherhood to her own development over time.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Soothe Your Soul With ‘Grateful’ From Mahalia

Step back from the daily drama and douse yourself in love with this sincere single from London-based homegirl, Mahalia.

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Meet Kevin Anena, One Of The Leaders Behind Hope Center Uganda

Going by her self-chosen name, "Kevin", this fearless leader is a guiding light with Hope Center Uganda, and an outspoken role model for women in the community.

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Hope Center Uganda Is Changing Lives In Uganda Through Female Empowerment

Here is Lucy Russell's unique experience working with Hope Center Uganda, a female-lead NGO which is shaping and uplifting the community in Gulu, Uganda in many important ways.

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Meet The CEO Of Lapee, Creating A Much Easier Way To Take A Pee In Public

Gina Périer is the founder of Lapee, an invention which answers the call for a solution to the pee problem too many women face at crowded, beverage-heavy events around the world.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Noname’s ‘Room 32’ Is A Catchy Tune For A Tuesday

Grab a listen to beloved Chicago rapper Noname's latest tune, it's a bop about everything and nothing with your name written all over it.

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Jenny Wilson Speaks Up On The Reality Of Trauma

Swedish singer, producer, composer and sexual assault survivor, Jenny Wilson, has a story to tell with her latest EP and it is an emotional rollercoaster of liberation.

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Meet The Young Actress Curating a Film Symposium on Trauma

Jessie-Ann Kohlman, an actor from Washington D.C., living in Los Angeles, has brought together filmmakers from around the world to explore different facets of one of the most sensitive and nuanced topics of our time: trauma.

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‘Humans of New York’ Is In Paris And It’s A Parade Of Angels

Take a look at the heartwarming humanity in Paris, France - the city has been through a lot, yet the people within are magic through and through.

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‘Cuz I Luv You’, And Why LIZZO Is A True Joy

This thicc goddess is breaking down barriers in the music industry and beyond with bold beauty and crazy talent.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Lift Your Spirits With ‘Hard Place’ From H.E.R.

Revisit some soulful tunes from H.E.R. and be instantly uplifted by her silky smooth vocals.

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Lessons In Self-Love That Can Apply To Everybody

From a self-prescribed hermit and estimated semi-intermediate in personal growth, here are a few tips for getting real and loving YOU. Visuals by Polly Nor.

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Københavnerlivet (Life in Copenhagen) Podcast

This latest episode of Københavnerlivet features Christine Buhl Andersen, a passionate art historian and the first female director of the Glyptotek museum in Copenhagen!

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Billie Eilish slays once again with a sophomore album that will take you on a daredevil roller coaster ride of emotional awesomeness.

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Calming Advice For How To Live From Maira Kalman

This Israeli-born American illustrator, writer, artist, and designer has a whimsical way of looking at the world, in it's all about seeing beauty in the little things.

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Slay Days Recap Edit

Apparently, it's good to land on your face, swing from chandeliers, skull champagne and make new friends. It's Slay Days 1.0

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Madrona Redhawk Likes Color And Making Art With Her Face

Madrona Redhawk is a high school senior from Las Vegas who dabbles with performance art and is interested in learning about the objective universe in all things.

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The Slay Days Mega Post

Check out just some of what went down at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria when Girls Are Awesome hosted the first Slay Days ski and snowboard carnival.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: AURORA’s ‘The Seed’ Is An Ethereal Anthem

This magical Norwegian butterfly's latest single is dedicated to personal transformation and a deep connection to Mother Earth.

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Four Female-Lead Podcasts To Brighten Your Life

Listen to these well-informed conversationalists and get woke about subjects ranging from female friendships and spoken word poetry to political activism and spirituality.

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