PREMIERE: Catch The ‘Baddest’ Music Video From FVN

Up-and-coming Danish rapper kween, FVN is back with a music video that will make you unleash your inner baddass.

Here’s Our Handy Dandy Girls Are Awesome Playlist

Dive into the juiciest playlist of all time, including all the emotions and moods, drawing from old inspirations and new.

Several Spiritual Practices To Increase Your Level Of Zen

Yessss, it's a weird world out there, but what's going on with you? Check in with yourself by introducing these spiritual practices into your daily life.

Tuesday’s Tunes: Get Your Ears On Denyah

Denyah's "pastel R&B" paradise will give you chills with her simple lo-fi beauty.

Danish Rapper Yakuza is That Bich

In collaboration with iconic Danish department store Magasin, we've spent the past two months shadowing upcoming Danish rapper Yakuza, who has her eyes on the stars, and feet not far behind.

Here’s Why ‘Derry Girls’ Is An Important Show To Watch

Written and created by Northern Irish native Lisa McGee, the heartwarming, hilarious TV show 'Derry Girls' is an oasis of funny in a previously gray and humorless media landscape.

Good Vibes All Around in Newquay, England!

Meet the talented next generation of pro surfers at Newquay Boardmasters Surf Competition, paving their way in the world, wave by wave.

Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Summer Girl’ from HAIM Is A Tribute To Their Summer And Yours

Tune in to the sound of summers past in this nostalgic yet upbeat tune from LA-based sister group, HAIM.

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Venus Spejlet, Østrogenial and a Celebration of ‘Down There’

This weekend, we celebrated an increased self-awareness of vulvas AKA pussy, hole, v-jay jay, muff with the release of Venus Spejlet, a vulva mirror, and a live podcast from Østrogenial.

PREMIERE: ‘Drip Like Honey’ From Kinck Is Badass Vibes

Tune in to the latest single from half-Senegalese Danish artist, Kinck: a steezy trap-inspired tune with the juice.

Carmody’s ‘Catching Blue’ Will Satisfy All of Your Deepest Feels

Tune in to the latest heartfelt release from London-based artist, Carmody, and catch our exclusive conversation on her personal background, her involvement with a charity for those who are grieving and her integrative writing process.

Five Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

Evenings in are best spent Netflix and chillin' to these five series that truly hit the spot when it comes to captivating creativity and unapologetically strong female roles.

Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘take a number’ from Marian Hill and Dounia 4ever

Tune in to the latest collab from Brooklyn-based duo Marian Hill and fellow New Yorker Dounia. It's a tasty snack with an extra dose of sass.

Get Inspired with Christine Prechsl of Munich Mountain Girls

We spoke with Christine Prechsl, founder of Munich Mountain Girls and long-time member Kaddi Kestler about building an outdoor sports community, the importance of female friendship and connecting with women in Mother Nature.

Polly Bosworth and Her Picture Perfect Strangers

See what you missed at the opening of Danish artist, Polly Bosworth's solo exhibition at the Girls Are Awesome Space this Friday.

Download PennyRapporten (in Danish) and Read About How Gender Diversity Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Last Thursday, we hosted an eye-opening and informative panel debate pivoting around PennyRapporten - a report released by MoneyPenny and GoGetty aimed to get people striving for more diversity in top-level management and C-suites in listed Danish companies.