Kim Woozy is Propelling Action Sports Forward, One Push at a Time.

"My advice is to recognize your fear and embrace the shit out of it. Get REAL comfortable with fear — learn to love it."

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kwamie Liv’s “Blasé” Will Make You Feel Things

This Danish-Zambian genre-defying artist enchants with her own signature brand of ethereal sensuality.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: H.E.R.’s “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude” is Transcendent

Let this profound sexiness carry you through this sun-soaked week.

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New Playlist ‘Obaa’ or ‘Woman’ featuring African Artists

Listen to the sound of Africa with this freshly curated playlist by Benewaah Boateng from Harmattan Rain in Ghana.

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Young Baby Coco Is Battling Cancer While Being A Social Media Guru

We chatted with the Instagram influencer-turned-entrepreneur about building a business, the challenges of fighting cancer and how her online following became one of her biggest support systems.

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PREMIERE: IVY’s “I.L.U.” Music Video is Hauntingly Chic

One of the first Scandinavian transgender musicians to release a music video, Ivy Rosenauer is pushing boundaries in more ways than one.

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Girls Are Awesome Radio – Nicole Hause

Oooohhh Nicole, so THIS is what charges your batteries before tearing apart transitions around the planet on your skateboard. Hear Nicole's hard-hitting playlist here.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Amber Mark’s “Conexão EP” Is A Cool Drink On A Balmy Day

This NYC-based R&B gem is spreading her realness one sip at a time.

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Girls Are Awesome x Mikkeller to Launch ‘Female’

We teamed up with brew legends Mikkeller to create a couple of beers poking fun at the misconception that women want 'girly' beer. We called it Female.

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ With Soleima

Hear the Danish Garage-Pop artist talk in detail about the production of her song "Low Life" on our Girls Are Awesome podcast.

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Girls Are Talking – Creative Juice Wrap Snaps

Photographer Felix Adler nabbed the goods from our most recent Girls Are Talking event at Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s “Ornament” Is A Future Soul Relic

It feels like something of the treasured past and the uncharted future at the same damn time. Peep the equally tasty music video here.

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Crista Leonard Is As Down-To-Earth As It Gets

Another "As Seen By Her" highlight, this Andorran/British photographer talks about enjoying beauty in the mundane, Queen Elisabeth I and challenging the view of women as emotionally unstable.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Azealia Banks’ “Treasure Island” Is Hardcore But Emotional

Her signature badass energy is in full effect with this speaker-smashing single, but with a dash of soft sentimentality.

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Sexy Times At Roskilde Festival

We can look up the dictionary definition of consent, but what does it mean for us personally – as living, breathing sex-having humans? The music is over, but the conversation continues.

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Peeking Back Over Our Dusty, Tired, Relieved Shoulders

Because Roskilde is a total shit show, but when it's over you're 100% sure you're going back next year.

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Awkward, Awesome or Absurd Stories From Roskilde Festival 2018 Part II

Everyone has a favorite Roskilde Festival story that is absolutely absurd, mind-blowingly awesome or cringe-worthily awkward. We found some brave girls who were willing to share theirs.

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PREMIERE: Wallace Will Enchant You With “Frame By Frame”

We talked with the New Zealand-born artist about her musical inspirations, her debut EP last winter and where to next.

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Awkward, Awesome or Absurd Stories From Roskilde Festival 2018 Part I

Roskilde Festival is home to many strange and wonderful memories. We found some brave girls who were willing to share theirs.

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A Quick Look At Chelsea Manning’s Closed-Press Sit Down

During her first visit to Denmark, the ex-military and ex-convict transgender political activist dropped truth bombs: "Stop making shit that hurts society."

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Here’s What You Missed at Yonaka

Sometimes it’s the musical acts that slipped through your radar that end up rocking the most!

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Wisdom From The Broken Hearts of Roskilde Festival

"The festival is just one big field of raw emotions that you can either hide in or mirror yourself in at any given time. Despite being a million people out here, there’s space to feel all feelings."

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Here’s What You Missed At Fever Ray

What do glow sticks, a bright orange bodybuilder suit, dominatrix get-up and sick vocals all have in common?

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Roskilde Festival Hurts So Good

We asked a couple of girls at Roskilde Festival to share the crazy stories behind their scars with us. Most involve pain, tears, a bit of alcohol and super good times.

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Guys, It’s A Jungle Out Here

We went a bit overboard and stalked these fab-printed chicks, like leopards stalk their prey. #RoskildeFestivalFashion

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Badass Art and Playing Around With Molotow Cans

This graffiti workshop at Roskilde Festival is run by dope women who help you make beautiful masterpieces even when it's fricken hot outside.

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Here’s What You Missed at Sassy 009

Sassy 009 gets Roskilde dancing again with a hypnotic performance backed by their signature lo-fi projections.

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Meet the Rad Peeps Behind Roskilde Festival Street Art

Between all the music and drinking at Roskilde Festival, there’s colorful street art almost everywhere you look. There’s a pretty gnarly group of artists behind the works.

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Here’s What You Missed During the Roskilde Festival Warm Up Days = Glitter, Stickers and Funky Shades

The warm-up days of the Roskilde experience may actually be the hottest of them all.

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Meet Charlotte Thomas, the Mastermind Behind “Concrete Girls”

The completely independently funded, curated, photographed and produced project is a celebration of badass skater girls all over the UK.

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Female Artists You Don’t Want to Miss at Roskilde Festival, 2018 Edition

Be sure to catch these ten female artists in between beer breaks and perfecting your squat-and-pee technique.

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