Girls (And Boys) Are Awesome at CPH Open

Australian photographer Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle snapped the sunburnt dudes and skater babes who graced Fælledparken earlier this week.

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Photos From the Yeah Girl Exhibition Launch at VESS

If you haven't seen the show yet, head down to the gallery tonight for a talk by the curator and the participating photographers.

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Haiyti: “I’m a complex person who is difficult to market. My different personalities fight each other for the surface.”

We talked to the German trap artist about aesthetic vision, controlling your image and being original in the age of social media.

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Meet Sian Davey, the Psychotherapist Turned Photographer Shooting Touching Portraits of Her Children

The British photographer documents the ups and downs of childhood through an intimate and, well, therapeutic lens.

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Yeah Girl: Lose Yourself in Alana Paterson’s Misty, West Coast World of Lifestyle and Skate Photography

Eight girls, seven nationalities, and one Australian skate aficionado collecting it all in one photo exhibition. Here's out last introduction to Yeah Girl CPH, featuring Vancouver-based Alana Paterson.

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Sausan Kanaan Berg is Driving a Fresh Narrative on Integration Through Denmark—From Her Car

With SALAAM MED JER, a talk show she hosts out of her car, she's promoting ALL Danish voices, not just the ones our integration minister wants to hear.

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Here’s What Went Down at Our Launch Party in Berlin

We skated on the rooftop, bounced to rowdy rap and ate damn good apple strudel with Haiyti, Simone Klimmeck and Laura Kaczmarek.

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Yeah Girl: Jocelyn Tam Proves That Against All Odds, Fashion and Skate CAN Work Together

On Friday, we're launching a skate photography exhibition featuring work by photographers like Ms. Tam—a fashion, skate and commercial photographer documenting skate through a lighter lens.

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Yeah Girl: Nayat Cheikh Zooms in on Skating From a Twin’s Point of View

Read up on this Western Saharan skate talent before we see her work at the Yeah Girl photography exhibit in Copenhagen this week.

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Sally Dige’s New Track, “Holding On”, is an Anthem for Post Punk Aficionados and Dance Floor Divas Alike

The Berlin-based electro-pop artist's latest is a symphony of infectious 80s hooks, soaring synths and powerfully aching vocals.

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Photos From the Girls Are Awesome Boombike – the Diva Edition Playlist Clash!

We gashed in glitter, stretched our vocal chords and shared our grooviest moves to the beat of 90s and 00s diva hits at Roskilde.

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Yeah Girl: Linnea Bullion Captures Ordinary Moments and Makes Them Spectacular

Straight out of Los Angeles, skate photographer Linnea Bullion plays with photography in her own way.

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Don’t Call Simone Klimmeck an Instagram Tattoo Artist

We talked to the hyped tattoo artist and illustrator about tattoos that outlive you, the pros and cons of Instagram and why tattooing pretty flowers is boring.

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Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Tinashe

Tinashe brought 90s nostalgia to Roskilde Festival 2017, and we love her for it!

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Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Moon Duo

Empty at first, but suddenly people swarmed in from every direction to hear Moon Duo.

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Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Lorde

Classic melancholy mixed with just the right amount of hype, crazy dance moves and a bangin black dress.

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Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Angel Olsen

Young, American singer-songwriter, Angel Olsen, blew our minds with her fusion of soft tones, and hard-hitting lyrics.

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Behind the Scenes of Roskilde’s Ambitious Art Program With Head Curator, Mette Woller

Roskilde's head art curator introduces us the artistic vision of the festival. Naturally, it includes laser-shooting rectums.

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