Danika Maia Talks About Her New Project ILLUMINATE

She effortlessly organized these very special Nordic-influenced artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Watch what happens when they're asked how art can change the world.

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PREMIERE: Zápata Dances with ‘Doubt’ and ‘Fear’ in Her New Music Video

Jump into the surreal and soulful scene this 20-year-old Danish Colombian artist created. We talked about the process behind the video, the origin of her name and turning tension into art.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s ‘Memo’ EP Will Make You Feel Things

The New York-based future soul savant’s sophomore EP is a gently atmospheric ode to individuality.

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Elena from The Yoni Empire Wants to Nourish Women, One Orgasm at a Time

Meet the pleasure educator and self-proclaimed pussy whisperer focussed on slowing down and taking pleasure seriously.

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Are You Tired of Instagram Yet?

We asked a few different women about the way they interact with the app and what they think about the version of reality it represents.

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Selma Judith’s Window Into Meaningful Music

This 23-year-old Danish harpist, singer and songwriter's approach to music is genuine and diverse.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Baby’ by Bishop Briggs is Refreshingly Honest

The London-based singer/songwriter released a single that talks about a love interest who is crazy… good in bed.

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Brigette Hoffman is Making Art That Will Move You

Dive headfirst into this Miami-born, Hamburg-based artist's whimsical world of color camouflaging chaos.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘One in a Million’ By G.L.A.M is Vibey AF

Put on your headphones and jam out to this tune, pronto.

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Five Female Comedians Who Are Crushing It

Stay in, watch these hilarious women’s Netflix specials and laugh so hard you get abs.

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Detour Urban Dance Festival Wants More B-Girls

Get the lowdown on what you can experience at this year's Detour, including the female B-girl workshop, aimed to increase the number of female B-girls in Denmark.

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Iris Gold’s ‘Roll it Out’ Music Video Will Surely Give You Life

We spoke to Iris about filming in Ghana, the perception of African countries in the West and working with the Ghanaian equivalent of Michael Jackson.

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On Thursday We Drank Cosmos

Here's what you missed at the launch of our first capsule collection with adidas Originals

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Girls Are Talking #NeverNot Wrap Snaps

See what you missed at our first Girls Are Talking in Zurich, hosted at 25 Hours Hotel

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Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Résumé’ By Moli Will Give You Strong Throwback Vibes

This 19-year-old Anglo-Belgian electropop diva’s blasé attitude is everything.

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adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome Artist Series

Check the capsule collection we made with adidas Originals and German artists Laura Kaczmarek, Simone Klimmeck and Monja Gentschow.

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Meet the Founders of Female Future Force Day

Susann Hoffmann, the co-founder of EDITION F talks about the vision behind this groundbreaking day of female empowerment.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Mahalia’s ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ Is a Big Mood

Catch on this vibe from the upswinging UK R&B scene's Mahalia.

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Important Features From EDITION F’s Female Future Force Day

The intense and inspiring female-driven convention/festival medley is coming up in Berlin; here are several lectures you want on your radar.

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Nelson Can

Hear the Danish Rock trio talk about the birth of their tune Downtown live from Roskilde Festival.

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Kim Woozy is Propelling Action Sports Forward, One Push at a Time.

"My advice is to recognize your fear and embrace the shit out of it. Get REAL comfortable with fear — learn to love it."

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kwamie Liv’s “Blasé” Will Make You Feel Things

This Danish-Zambian genre-defying artist enchants with her own signature brand of ethereal sensuality.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: H.E.R.’s “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude” is Transcendent

Let this profound sexiness carry you through this sun-soaked week.

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New Playlist ‘Obaa’ or ‘Woman’ featuring African Artists

Listen to the sound of Africa with this freshly curated playlist by Benewaah Boateng from Harmattan Rain in Ghana.

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Young Baby Coco Is Battling Cancer While Being A Social Media Guru

We chatted with the Instagram influencer-turned-entrepreneur about building a business, the challenges of fighting cancer and how her online following became one of her biggest support systems.

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PREMIERE: IVY’s “I.L.U.” Music Video is Hauntingly Chic

One of the first Scandinavian transgender musicians to release a music video, Ivy Rosenauer is pushing boundaries in more ways than one.

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Girls Are Awesome Radio – Nicole Hause

Oooohhh Nicole, so THIS is what charges your batteries before tearing apart transitions around the planet on your skateboard. Hear Nicole's hard-hitting playlist here.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Amber Mark’s “Conexão EP” Is A Cool Drink On A Balmy Day

This NYC-based R&B gem is spreading her realness one sip at a time.

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Girls Are Awesome x Mikkeller to Launch ‘Female’

We teamed up with brew legends Mikkeller to create a couple of beers poking fun at the misconception that women want 'girly' beer. We called it Female.

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Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ With Soleima

Hear the Danish Garage-Pop artist talk in detail about the production of her song "Low Life" on our Girls Are Awesome podcast.

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Girls Are Talking – Creative Juice Wrap Snaps

Photographer Felix Adler nabbed the goods from our most recent Girls Are Talking event at Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s “Ornament” Is A Future Soul Relic

It feels like something of the treasured past and the uncharted future at the same damn time. Peep the equally tasty music video here.

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