Meet British Painter and Sculpturist Helen Marten

We have a massive girl crush on Helen Marten for her remarkably calming creative absurdity.

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Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

For those of you who may not know, Helen Marten is an innovative British artist who is relaying remarkably human storylines through a delicate hodgepodge of calming hues, abstract shapes, familiar textures and even objects that capture her state of being in subtle reverence. When you look at her art, it is impossible not to have some kind of emotional response. In fact, Marten’s work is a testament to her unique ability to communicate the subtle yet profound beauty in the contradictions within our collective reality and of her experience of the world.

Helen Marten’s work is like a unique paradise that exists in the grand conception of each piece as a whole as well as the intimate details which evoke a feeling of childhood nostalgia; her art invites you to freely experience the seemingly ordinary, without the burden of organized societal definitions. Simultaneously find yourself and get lost in her gentle but bold use of color and form, as well as the incredible detail in her apparently complex sculptural structures.

Take a look at Helen Marten’s most recent exhibition, Fixed Sky Situation, at König Galerie in Berlin, Germany.

Fixed Sky Situation was featured at König Galerie this year, spanning from mid January to the end of February.

Here are more inspiring works from Helen Marten, taken from a past exhibition called Eucalyptus, Let Us In, featured at Greene Naftali in New York City several years ago. Feast your eyes!

Thanks to Helen Marten for making art that speaks to the soul.


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